Using the API and embedding frameworks together, you can use metadata about Looker models, content, and users to display dynamic content to users in your app.

In this example, the report selector, we first query the Looker API to display a list of currently available looks to a user of our app, then embed whichever Look a user chooses as an iframe on the page.

Sample Adaptations of this Block:
  • Apply access_filter_fields so one set of looks can support multiple users, each with access to only their own data
  • Quickly and easily build new reports in Looker and expose them immediately within your application
  • Use Looker’s permissions and folders (i.e. spaces) to display the appropriate looks to each user in your app. Examples include:
    • Expose all looks created by a specific user
    • Expose additional looks to “premium” customers
    • Expose looks to users based on the source data set (i.e. Looker model)