This Block grabs the list of all the Looks created by a particular User by using the “all_looks” API call and filtering the list of looks to those created by the ‘user_id’ specified input parameter. For each of the Looks, the block then grabs additional metadata about the Look using the “look” method call. This powerful API call has endless potential applications across internal and external applications and workflows.

Sample Adaptations of this Block:
  • Create a consolidated list of all user Looks to see which databases, tables, and fields are used most frequently to inform database optimization strategy
  • Understand the types of questions your users are asking in daily workflows and how users are engaging with your data
  • Identify areas for automation and operational alerting based on the frequency of use and the actions that trigger this use
  • Refine metrics with an informed understanding of the types of questions users are asking in their daily workflows, and how the resulting impact on the business
  • Whitelabel customers collect detailed information about their customer use of each component of the application, and constantly iterate and refine their product offering
  • Refine monetization strategy of external data services with a thorough understanding of how customers are using the application and the value being derived from its use