Embedding a on-the-fly visualization, as opposed to a saved look, gives you complete flexibility to programmatically define the data set and look and feel of an embedded table or graph.

In this example, we’ve built a custom interface to let users choose from a predefined set of measures, dimensions, filters, and visualization types, and then request an on-the-fly visualization from looker with those parameters.

Sample Adaptations of this Block:
  • Apply access_filter_fields so users can only explore and interact with their own data
  • Answer any questions you want to ask of the Looker data (build your own set of widgetized filters and completely customize the user experience)
  • Let your users choose the data they want to visualize, using a custom UI in your application
  • Use your applications logic to determine exactly what data should be shown to a user
  • Store the definitions of your users’ “favorite” visualizations on your application, and request them from Looker as needed
  • Customize the look and feel of a visualization for each individual user of your application
  • Utilize the field picker to deliver data to customers, investors, or any other external stakeholders, with complete security and confidence