Sequencing Transactions

The Looker Block for Sequencing Transactions makes it easy to identify trends among returning customers.

AB Testing with Statistical Significance

The Looker Block for AB testing lets you compare how a group acts under two sets of conditions.

Measuring Activity and Engagement

The Looker Block for Measuring Activity and Engagement helps organization understand how to engage their user base.

Geo Mapping Data

Looker’s Geo Data Block make it easy to translate between different geographic areas like block group, census tract,...

Zendesk by Stitch

The Zendesk Block by Stitch provides analysis on ticket information and customer support issues.

Retention Analysis

The Looker Block for Retention Analysis makes it simple to understand the factors that influence and motivate strong...

Google Cloud Billing by Datatonic

This Block provides an overview of cost and billing information across all GCP services and users.

Google Analytics Premium (GA360) by Google

Google Analytics Premium is a full-service web analytics and monitoring tool.

Google BigQuery Performance by Datatonic

This Block provides an overview of BigQuery cost and performance across all services and users.

Salesforce by Segment

The Salesforce Block by Segment provides comprehensive analysis on sales opportunities and operations.

AdWord Analytics by Google

AdWords helps customers find your business, precisely when they’re searching for the things you offer.

Doubleclick for Publishers by Google

Doubleclick for Publishers is the world’s leading tool for ad revenue management.

List of Looks Created By a User

This Block grabs the list of all the Looks created by a particular user.

Create a Data Dictionary

This Block allows users to automatically generate a comprehensive dictionary of all metrics in your Looker application.

Stripe by Segment

The Stripe Block by Segment provides out-of-the box dashboards and analysis for Stripe data.

Demographic Data

Looker's Demographic Data Block makes it easy to tie together population, age, gender, race, income, and other...

Get Data from a Look or Query

This Block contains an API call for retrieving the results of a Look, including everything from a full data table, or...

Event Analytics by Segment (optimized for Redshift)

The Segment Block for Event Analytics (optimized for Redshift) provides comprehensive information around webpage...

Cohorting Users by Creation Date and Order Transactions

The Looker Block for Cohorting Users provides valuable insights into the lifetime purchasing patterns of your...

DoubleClick Campaign Manager by Google

Google’s Block for DoubleClick provides comprehensive analytics for Digital Marketing and Revenue Management.

Embed an Explore Page

Embedded Explore Pages allow you to expose your modeled data to power users...

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Active Users

The Looker Block for Active Users provides three metrics to gauge user engagement.

HR & People Analytics by Datasticians

Comprehensive analysis of all things HR.


LookVR is an experiment in exploring data in new ways.

Report Selector

Looker’s Report Selector Block empowers data consumers with real-time data exploration capabilities.

Intercom Analytics by Blendo

The Intercom Block by Blendo provides informative analysis on your customer success data like Intercom conversations...

Marketing Analytics by Piwik PRO

Piwik PRO’s Block allows you to pair high-quality business intelligence and analytics with data collected by the...

Event Analytics by Snowplow

The Snowplow Block for Event Analytics provides comprehensive information around webpage and/or application usage.

Log Analytics by Fastly

Fastly’s edge cloud platform speeds up and secures web and mobile experiences. This block provides real-time insights...

Redshift Optimization by AWS

This Block provides a comprehensive overview of Redshift performance, as well as tools for optimizing for cost and...

Creating Custom Cohort Analysis

The Looker Block for Cohorting Users provides valuable insights into the lifetime purchasing patterns of your...

Facebook Ads by Stitch

The Facebook Ads Block by Stitch provides instant analysis on Facebook advertising and returns.

Predictive Lead Scoring by BigSquid

Understanding the real value of each of your leads and the likelihood of their conversion allows you to optimally...

JIRA by Fivetran

JIRA is a project management software that enables development teams to coordinate, collaborate, and track progress...

Create Look

This Block uses an API call to take a query and save it as a Look.

Salesforce by Stitch

The Salesforce Block by Stitch provides analysis on sales opportunities and operations.

Peer Comparison: Comparison Against Rest of Population

The Looker Block for Peer Comparison makes it simple to compare a dynamic group to the rest of users.

Facebook Ads and Google AdWords by Segment

Segment Sources allows you to combine all the marketing data from your most widely used marketing sources.

Zendesk Analytics by Blendo

The Zendesk Block by Blendo provides informative analysis on your customer support data and ticket distribution.

Embed a Dashboard

This Block makes it simple to embed custom dashboards and create a curated data environment.

AWS Optimization Suite

The AWS Optimization Suite enables Looker users to get a birds-eye view of their AWS and Amazon Redshift usage to...

Exchange Rate Data

Looker’s Exchange Rate Block provides daily closing historical exchange rates for major currencies going back to the...

Event Analytics by

The Block for Media Analytics provides comprehensive analysis around’s real-time user and content...

Marketing Analytics by Tenjin

Tenjin enables everyone, no matter their budget or the size of their team, to effectively market their apps.

Weather Data

Looker’s Weather Data Block contains daily weather reporting in the United States at the ZIP code level, updated...

Retail Sales Forecast by BigSquid

Gain greater confidence in your sales forecasts with Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. Big Squid’s Retail...

Field Picker

Looker’s Field Picker Block allows users to apply their own custom interface to Looker-generated, real-time reports.

Sessionization Funnel

With the Looker Block for a Sessionization Funnels, organizations can track user flows to optimize user experience,...

List of Looks in a Space

This Block grabs the list of all the Looks in a individual or shared Space.

State or Status Data and Slowly Changing Dimensions

The Looker Block for State Data makes it easy to conduct deep dive analysis on how data changes over time.

Event Analytics by Segment (optimized for BigQuery)

The Segment Block for Event Analytics (optimized for BigQuery) tracks and stores comprehensive information around...

Audience Analytics by Permutive

Permutive is the world’s first realtime Data Management Platform, trusted by some of the world’s largest publishers...

Security and Monitoring by AWS

CloudTrail provides customers with an overview of all API calls made within an AWS environment, allowing for security...

Event Analytics by Heap

The Heap Block for Event Analytics provides comprehensive information around application usage over time.

Zendesk by Fivetran

The Zendesk Block by Fivetran provides analysis on ticket information and customer support issues.

BigQuery Top “N” Aggregate

Top “N” allows users to isolate the top or bottom data points, based on a selected criteria, in a given data set.

BigQuery Weighted Medians

Weighted medians are a helpful tool when analyzing data entries that are repeated across multiple sets.

Cohort Analysis

This tool provides you with the ability to segment your customers and identify patterns in their behaviour or...

BigQuery Medians

Medians are a helpful statistical tool to measure the central tendency of a multi-part data set.

Repeat Purchase Patterns

The Looker Block for Repeat Purchases makes it easy to identify any patterns and issues affecting your customer’s...

Google Marketing Analytics Suite

Examine relationships between different services within your Google Advertising Cloud understand and optimize your...

YouTube Channel Analytics by Google

YouTube is the world’s largest video-hosting service, with hundreds of millions of unique visitors every month.

Web Analytics

This tool provides you with the ability to get a holistic view of your web operations.

Salesforce Analytics by Fivetran

The Salesforce Block by Fivetran provides analysis on sales opportunities and operations.

Cost and Usage Analysis by Snowflake

Gain a holistic view across your data warehouse and optimize across the board.

Affinity Analysis

The Looker Block for Affinity Analysis helps users understand how items or events relate to each other.

Simple Funnel

The Looker Block for a Simple Funnel makes it quick and easy to get a sense of how users traverse an application,...

Digital Marketing Analytics by Funnel

Combine data from all of your marketing and advertising platforms in one central view with Funnel.

Google Analytics for Firebase by Google

Firebase is a powerful platform from Google that allows companies to build web and mobile applications quickly with...

Marketing Analytics by Adobe Site Catalyst

The Adobe SiteCatalyst Block for Marketing Analytics provides real-time reporting and analysis on all marketing...

Mobile Analytics by mParticle

The mParticle Block for Mobile Analytics allows organizations to understand how users navigate and engage with mobile...

Derived Tables Pattern

The Looker Block for a Derived Table Pattern allows user to create temporary tables to optimize table structure for...

Retrieve SQL From Explore

This Block enables users to pull the SQL from queries executed through Looker’s Explore page.

Customer Support Analytics by Kustomer

Kustomer helps you share, combine, and analyze Support information at an operational level for your whole company.

Quality Analysis by MaestroQA

MaestroQA helps you build the best quality assurance and coaching program.

Employee Retention by BigSquid

In any industry, employee retention is critical for creating sustained operational success and maintaining a...

Gaming Analytics by Google

The Gaming Analytics Block by Google keeps players playing.

iframe Interactivity

With iframe Interactivity (Javascript event broadcasting), embedded iframe content can now interact seamlessly with...

Redshift Admin by AWS

This Block for Redshift Admin offers a substitute for AWS Console within Looker’s centralized interface.

Repurchase Propensity by BigSquid

Do you know which customers are most likely to repurchase your products or services? Big Squid’s Repurchase...

Customer Retention by BigSquid

Big Squid’s Customer Retention block expands your Looker platform to gain insight into future retention, the factors...

Campaign to Cash by Datasticians

Datasticians’ Campaign to Cash Looker Block is built to address common problems in Marketing Analytics, such as...

Predictive Lifetime Vaue by BigSquid

Use machine learning to forecast your customer's lifetime value in the Big Squid Lifetime Value Block.

Economic Indicator Data

Looker’s Economic Data Block contains information on key U.S. economic indicators focusing on inflation, unemployment...

Advertising Analytics by Improvado

Aggregate across 40+ Cross-Channel Ad Platforms in one single view.

Cost and Usage Analysis by AWS

The AWS Cost and Usage Report allows customers to track usage and related costs across all services and users.

User Loyalty and Other User Attributes

The Looker Block for User Loyalty segments customers and users by various attributes to highlight the factors that...

BigQuery Table Date Range

The Looker Block for BigQuery Table Date Range limits querying to only necessary date ranges, significantly...




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