The Google Community Mobility Reports data block for Looker compares communities' mobility (as measured via anonymized cell phone location data) visiting different types of locations.

Data is compared to baseline values computed as the median in the 5‑week period Jan 3 – Feb 6, 2020 by day of the week. Data is updated regularly, but not daily. For more information, we strongly encourage you to read the full documentation.

  • Compare mobility across regions using the included World, US State, and US County dashboards
  • Use the Explore to ask new questions of the mobility data
  • Bring this model into the Covid19 data block or your own proprietary model using Looker’s extensible block structure

Note: This Data Block is currently only available for BigQuery connections.

The Community Mobility Datasets were developed by Google to be helpful while adhering to our stringent privacy protocols and protecting people’s privacy. No personally identifiable information, like an individual’s location, contacts or movement, is made available at any point. This data block is derived from this Google Cloud Public Dataset.