The Affinity Analysis Block will allow you to see the association between any two events. While commonly used in ”Market Basket Analysis” to determine how often items are purchased together, this can be extrapolated to a number of different use cases. If you have a transaction-based business, this pattern will almost certainly mesh perfectly with your data. Any entity-relational data structure is going to play very nicely with affinity patterns.

Is your product attracting the purchase of high-value complementary goods? Maybe you'd want to offer a discount on that item. Can you sell more high-margin items by bundling them with with discounted customer-favorites? This pattern generates three different affinity metrics for items within an orders table. When you find products with high association, you can drill in further to get a comprehensive view of either product's storewide effects. Use this Block to understand how items or events relate to each other to inform strategic decision around pricing, bundling, upselling, and more.