Precisely targeting marketing campaigns is more important than ever. But to do that, you need to combine data from multiple sources to find just the right users for a campaign — data that usually doesn’t all live in your marketing automation tool. Having to build target lists in one tool, then manually downloading the list and uploading it to Marketo is terribly inefficient and slows marketers down.

But with the Marketo action for Looker’s data platform, you can build a list of users in Looker (where you have access to all your data), and send it over to Marketo with one click. And you can even schedule the list to update regularly. For example, if you want to kick off an onboarding campaign to new users every Monday, or send a coupon to lapsed customers every Friday afternoon, Looker + Marketo can make it easy.

To turn this Action on, go to Admin > Actions, or ask your Looker Administrator for assistance.