It’s great to be able to identify customers at risk of churn or orders that are running late, but what are you going to do about it? Quickly contact users right from Looker using the SendGrid Action. Email any insight or custom message on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis — be it a meeting request for your at-risk customer or an apology note (complete with a promo code) for the late order.

  • Ad-hoc sends - from Looker, quickly send an email to any email in your database. Be it shareing your insight by sending data, or simply crafting a custom message on the fly.

  • Schedule emails - sharing insights with customers is a powerful way to form relationships. Deliver scheduled data to be sent to those who need it most at your chosen interval.

  • Email alerts - setting up email alerts with the SendGrid Action to easily notify customers when things happen, be it whether it’s a delay in an order or an outage on their instance.

To turn this Action on, go to Admin > Actions, or ask your Looker Administrator for assistance.