Braze’s Looker Action lets you identify specific users in Looker and flag them in Braze. This makes creating segments fast and easy, allowing you to then send these specific users a campaign via Braze. Schedule and send these cohorts to Braze at your preferred cadence, in accordance with your brand’s business needs.

  • Take Action on Custom Data - combine engagement data tracked by Braze with all your Looker-accessible data sources and act on it by tagging relevant users — all with the Braze Currents data streaming export tool.

  • Improve Time-to-Action on Insights - cut down on time to implement data-driven messaging to your user base, increasing the responsiveness and effectiveness of your outreach.

  • Support Data Democratization - every marketer with access to Looker can tag users in Braze without programmatically hitting our API, no engineering resources necessary.

To turn this Action on, go to Admin > Actions, or ask your Looker Administrator for assistance.