Looker gives marketers easy access to the data stored in their data warehouse. This action allows you to push the richness of your first-party data into Google Analytics 360 to better target customers.

Looker’s action for Google Analytics leverages the Data Import functionality and can be used to enhance user segmentation and remarketing audiences by allowing you to take advantage of user information accessible in Looker, such as in CRM systems or transactional data warehouses.

  • Baked into Looker’s Block for Google Analytics 360 is a “propensity to act” score. Leveraging BigQuery Machine Learning, the score can be calculated in Looker, then loaded into Google Analytics to target users who are more likely to “act” — be that purchasing an item or filling out a free trial form.

  • Systems like CRMs or CMS hold valuable details about your customers that can help you better understand what makes them tick and ultimately better target them with Ads. Push data from first-party data sources back into Google Analytics 360 to personalize ad campaigns.

  • Past activity is a great indicator of future behavior. Whether it’s a buyer’s proclivity towards returning red shoes or a user’s love of a certain product feature, better understanding how users interact with products will help you better target them in the future.

To turn this Action on, go to Admin > Actions, or ask your Looker Administrator for assistance.