Give users the ability to send Looker results to DataRobot to create prediction models regardless of their technical skills. All Looker users need to do is to select attributes (user age, location, acquisition channel, etc.) and a target outcome like conversion, revenue, or churn. This Action will send the resulting dataset and create a new project in DataRobot —just start the evaluation process, and DataRobot will take care of the rest.

This Action also helps decrease each data scientist’s workload, since anyone in an organization can run and deploy a predictive model in a few clicks. Use this Action to:

  • See which customers are likely to be repeat purchasers
  • Understand what user attributes make certain account profiles a churn risk
  • Dig deeper into what attributes, like region and age, lead to larger sales

To turn this Action on, go to Admin > Actions, or ask your Looker Administrator for assistance.