Though many strong data teams are building out per-user metrics like engagement score, predicted lifetime value, and favorite product category, few ever put this data to work.

Develop nuanced audiences and build custom traits based on any parameter in your data warehouse in Looker, then send it all to Segment. From there, use Segment to tag users with these traits and pipe them to your favorite marketing tools, like Marketo, Braze, Mailchimp, and more, where you can trigger personalized campaigns.

  • Segment Identify - Create custom traits from your company’s centralized data store, then add them via identify to your Segment users.
  • Segment Group - Identify groups of users in Looker — be it promoters, churn-risks, or repeat buyers — then add traits and / or users to your Segment groups
  • Segment Track - Add traits via track to your Segment users

To turn this Action on, go to Admin > Actions, or ask your Looker Administrator for assistance.