Real time data analytics at scale

Analyze data in real-time

Stream data into SingleStore while concurrently reading data from it - enabling you to discover insights on the latest events in near real-time in Looker. Ideal for operational use cases across fraud detection, system monitoring, e-commerce, social networks and more.

Scalability with ease and performance

SingleStore lets you power your data with the amount of hardware that you need to get the performance you want, for all the users who need it. Looker directly benefits and reflects this performance in data access and visualization.

Deployment flexibility to meet your needs

SingleStore is available as a service on multiple clouds or can be self-deployed in VPC or on-premises, making the transition to cloud easy. Looker can connect to SingleStore and realize the same experience however it is deployed.

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Powerful use cases with SingleStore and Looker

The combination of SingleStore and Looker provides the ideal stack for many solutions. Some great examples are featured below.

Portfolio management analytics

High-net-worth investors have large portfolios with hundreds to thousands of positions Their satisfaction with their analytical applications rises as its response time drops to sub-second across a multitude of metrics:

  • Portfolios, AUM metrics by Asset Class
  • Growth health of Portfolios
  • Asset Classes over time and portfolio type

Ad tech analytics

Advertisers need to know their advertising performance to respond to anomalies in real time. SingleStore and Looker serve fast scalable analytics in order to optimize and manage thousands of concurrent advertisers across indicators like Impressions, clicks and conversions

IoT analytics

Analyze data from devices and sensors in the moment with Looker and SingleStore. SingleStore supports fast ingest and concurrent analytics for sensor systems and Looker allows you to make that data available and actionable.

After we partnered with SingleStore and Looker, we were able to bring to market something that told a much better story, one that got to the heart of what our customers were wanting to know in a much more useable, much more flexible, and much quicker way.

Garrett Gladden, Director of Product Management, Kollective

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