Segment is a fast-growing startup building a platform for collecting customer data. We provide a single API to track customer data across multiple devices and channels, and send it to third-party tools, internal systems, or a SQL database with the flip of a switch. Segment eliminates the need to write code to integrate new tools, which saves time and removes dependencies across teammates. By consolidating tracking to one API, Segment sends consistent, complete data to every tool and database where companies need to use it.

Segment Ecosystem
Segment Warehouses

Segment Warehouses empowers you to load web and mobile data into a data warehouse without building a data pipeline. All you have to do is track your customer data with a simple analytics API. Then, Segment will schematize and load your data into your own data warehouse, or one they host and manage for you. Segment Warehouses is built for analytics — the schema is optimized for running queries, and the data is compressed to improve performance.

Segment Sources

With Segment Sources, siloed customer data can be pulled into a single data warehouse to get the complete view of the customer experience. Sources include Salesforce, Stripe, Zendesk and more added weekly. Check out the current list of connections here.

Looker’s Segment Integration

Our Segment Source Integration allows customers to send data to a variety of integrations for marketing automation. Looker customers can push custom user cohorts to Segment, which can allow for actions on that data with third party applications like Marketo, Hubspot, Braze, and others.