Insights from customer data to serve them better

Deliver superior customer experiences by unifying application, web, and mobile event data from all endpoints. Leverage deeper analysis of your customers’ interactions with your brand to improve satisfaction and loyalty.

Optimize your customer data

Unify and standardize all your siloed customer data to create a data-driven, customer centric approach for acquiring new and retaining existing customers. Define and monitor customer KPIs and metrics to make adjustments for optimal results to the bottom line.

Understand your customer journey

Get a comprehensive view of your customers to better understand their buying patterns so you can tailor your offerings and give them more of what they want. Segment brings together customer data from apps, web, and mobile into a centralized warehouse so Looker can run deeper analysis on key metrics that drive better decision making.

Drive Incremental Revenue

When well aligned marketing, product, sales, customer service teams make data-based informed decisions from a single source of truth, they then make relevant and targeted offers to the customers, which helps move the needle and grow revenue.

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Marketing Attribution for Smarter Campaigns

Evaluate marketing investments and measure campaign performance by leveraging both user and marketing data.

Optimize marketing spend

Attribute campaign success to revenue instead of clicks and pave the way for effective campaign planning and spending. Stop or modify poor performing campaigns sooner and boost productive campaigns based on data to justify marketing spend and have a positive impact on ROI.

Achieve rapid time-to-value

With Segment’s standard data schema, design patterns from raw events to an attribution model are ready to implement with Looker Blocks. With upfront modeling all done, customers can get to insights faster - in hours, not days or weeks. Looker makes this data available to anyone - taking the load off the analytics team.

Define and customize metrics

Looker provides the flexibility to customize the attribution model and define the metrics that make sense for an organization. The model can easily be changed to adapt to new findings on how best to measure campaign success. First touch, last touch, multi touch attribution modeling - all can be customized to a company’s needs.

Using Segment and Looker we’ve been able to spend more time trying to figure out how optimize the consumption of data.

Brian Donaldson, Sr. Manager of Development Engineering, Docker

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