Deliver transformational digital experiences

Combine the power of Continuous Product Design (CPD) from Quantum Metric with insights and analytics using the Looker data platform to define and develop smarter, evolving digital products that can adjust to customer needs and behaviors.

Analyze customer behavior

Quantum Metric captures real-time behavioral, technical, and business impact data across all devices and apps. It then combines and integrates this data to provide a complete understanding of your customers’ experiences.

Rapidly learn and iterate

Engage customers at key points to get a deeper understanding of their journey, whether positive or negative. Prioritize opportunities for improvement and make relevant adjustments to product features and design based on customer feedback.

Minimize risk, Maximize impact

Looker leverages Quantum Metric data to provide a comprehensive view into product analytics. Create a continuous cycle of product development, positively impacting the bottom line, and build a loyal customer base.

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Smart Analytics to uncover new customer insights

Deliver smarter analytics by consolidating information from diverse systems and align teams. Identify customer frustrations and uncover lost revenue.

Customer Segmentation

Identify and segment customer behavior.

Cohort Analysis

Create intelligent customer cohorts based on activities and interactions on the site/ app for remarketing purposes.

Churn Modeling

Identify behaviors correlated to churn to proactively make necessary adjustments.

Path Analysis

Identify page flows (in-page or cross-page) that drive the desired business outcomes.

Custom Insights

Build and deploy key metrics from all the consolidated data through intuitive, visual data exploration.

Business Pulse Analytics

The Business Pulse Block delivers smarter analytics by consolidating information from multiple other systems: aligning teams, identifying customer frustrations and uncovering lost revenue.

  • Conversion funnel and value - see the value of each conversion by referral channel and the individual pages that lead to sales
  • Revenue and session trends - a snapshot overview of sessions vs revenue
  • Top event and error occurrences - know the key events and errors that impact a session
  • Engagements and errors by page - identify which pages are prohibiting conversions and which are adding value

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