About the Looker Partner Portal

What is the Looker Partner Portal?

As a member of the Looker Partner Network, you have full access to the Partner Portal. Consider the Portal your one-stop interface for all engagements with the Looker alliances organization.

As part of our continued partner program investments, the Partner Portal is designed to help you centralize all of your Looker partner interactions in one place (e.g., deal registration, sales enablement, training, certification, and more), as well as to better understand the health of your Looker business.

How should I use the Portal?

The Partner Portal is representative of our evolving ecosystem and the need to serve a vast network of partners on a global scale. As such, the Portal is designed to allow for more direct communication of Looker deals, organized delivery of sales enablement content, and more detailed analysis of partner involvement in our mutual success.

As part of our mission to enable everyone to make better decisions with data, we hope that the Partner Portal will allow us to create even more opportunities through partner relationships, fostering reciprocal success across our ecosystem.

What resources can I find on the Looker Partner Portal?

You can use the Portal to:

  1. Register referral and reseller deals

  2. Access prioritized sales enablement and marketing content

  3. Sign up for partner training and certification

  4. View multiple dashboards to track your Looker-associated deals.

With all of these features in one place, we hope it will be easier for you to optimize your opportunities and communicate effortlessly with the Looker team.

Sign Up

How do I sign up?

If you haven’t already received an invite with information regarding access to the Looker Partner Portal, you need to reach out to your Partner Manager. He or she will be able to provide you with the necessary information for acquiring a login.

Deal Registration

How do I register deals?

Registering deals through the Portal is incredibly easy - just click on the Deal Registration section of the Partner Portal and fill in the details regarding the proposed opportunity. From that point, the Looker team will run it through a quick approval process, before moving the deal forward.

What can I expect after registering a deal?

Once you register a deal, your partner manager will begin the approval process and you will be emailed when a decision on the opportunity is made.

What is the Deal Registration List?

The Deal Registration List is a historical view of all your submitted and pending deal registrations.

What factors are involved in the approval process?

The approval process will be run by your partner manager, who will examine various factors associated with the opportunity before moving forward with the deal.

Why are deals rejected?

Some reasons why a deal registration would be rejected could include: the geographic location of the opportunity, organizational reasons (e.g., an active opportunity currently exists with the prospective organization), or the opportunity is not the right fit for Looker.

Dashboards and Analytics

What analytics will I be able to access?

The Partner Portal will give you access to comprehensive dashboards displaying program activity, business contribution, joint customers, certification & training progress, and more.

What metrics can I get on my referred deals?

The Portal will also provide you with comprehensive analytics related to closed ACV on deals (reseller and referral), pipeline created on registered deals, and more!

Training and Certification

How do I sign up for training events and certifications on the site?

To sign up for training events and progress through your Looker partner certifications, just head to the training page and scroll through upcoming training courses.

Sales and Marketing

What content will be on the portal?

The Partner Portal will have sales enablement content (e.g. training documentation, analysts reports, and product release decks) designed to give you access to the best resources to improve your sales, key marketing content such as white papers, recorded webinars, customer testimonials, and solution sheets.

Can I share Sales Enablement Content with my clients and prospects?

Some of the sales enablement content is internal to only official Looker partners and Looker employees. That said, content marked external can be shared outside your organization.

Can I share marketing content with my clients and prospects?

All marketing content can be shared with external entities.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding the Partner Portal or have difficulty gaining access, feel free to reach out directly to your Partner Manager or email alliances@looker.com