Transform product development

Use Heap to capture and measure all customer interactions on your applications, website and mobile to fully grasp your customers’ journeys and understand them better. Looker makes it possible to analyze that data to influence product decisions.

Capture event level data easily

Heap’s Autocapture feature automatically captures every user interaction on your site like clicks, taps, swipes, page views and more, without any manual tracking or code writing.

Create a retroactive data set

Event data is easily sourced to a data warehouse with Heap Connect. Events you define virtually are available in Heap and the data warehouse retroactively.

Analyze and act on your product data

Looker makes data from Heap and other sources in your data warehouse accessible and actionable across your organization.

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Continuously Track Customer Interactions

To be able to capture data wherever and whenever your customers interact with your brand is a valuable asset. To be able to use that data to decipher and understand the customer journey that serves as a driving force to influence your product offerings is a game changer. Looker and Heap allow you to do just that.

Digital marketing analytics

  • Top referral sources
  • Marketing channel performance through UTM parameters
  • Demographics (location, device type etc.) of sessions
  • Onsite conversion funnels

User engagement analytics

  • Custom conversion funnels
  • Average sessions per user
  • New vs. Returning user retention
  • Top events or actions across your digital product
  • Historical session and user volume

User flow analytics

  • Visualize the ways users move across your website or application
  • Analyze common event patterns leading to or from a defined conversion goal
  • Measure the common pageview flows leading to or from a defined conversion goal

On my Looker dashboard, we use all the pathway data from Heap, alongside all of our revenue data in Looker, which is through Shopify, and combining those two has given us a lot of power.

Jack Wilson, Web Merchandising Analyst, Chubbies

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