Charting the path for data-driven businesses

Fivetran and Looker represent best in class components of a cloud-based data analytics stack, enabling organizations to tap into the full value of their data, regardless of source, size or complexity - so users have access to data they can trust and use to make decisions.

Faster time to value

Fivetran’s fully-managed, zero maintenance data replication pipelines allow organizations to get up and running quickly with all their data centralized, both at initial set-up and on an on-going basis. Instead of creating one-off data pipelines to each source that have to be periodically updated and maintained - Fivetran offloads the maintenance from the customer to their platform.

Increase the ROI

Fivetran and Looker both directly leverage the power of the modern data warehouse. By leveraging an ELT architecture, the heavy lifting of data transformations is completed in the warehouse, as well as, access to both aggregate metrics and row level detail can be made available to data consumers.

Superior reliability and governance

Fivetran ensures access to data in real time with standard schemas and makes it easy to onboard new sources. Looker makes this data accessible to all user types in a standardized way - so anyone can be their own analyst and results are trusted.

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Level up your analytics with Fivetran and Looker

Valuable data across all applications in your business are easily centralized and made available for reporting and insights. The Looker Marketplace has a collection of Looker Blocks for Fivetran that gets data from collection to insights as quickly as possible.

Saas applications and tools

  • Salesforce: Get a view of sales performance with insights on pipeline management, top-level KPIs, upcoming opportunities, and individual sales reps overviews
  • Zendesk: Track and analyze customer experience by measuring number of service requests, resolution timing, product engagement, and other metrics.
  • Developer workflows: Better understand and plan for Jira and Github

Financial applications

  • Transaction Data: Analyze how, when, and where your transactions and subscriptions occur in order to streamline your payment operations strategy on popular payment solutions such as Square, Braintree, and Shopify
  • ERP analytics: Financial statements, sales, and expenses from Netsuite

Marketing sources

  • Messaging: Optimize your messaging engagement strategy with data from Braze
  • Ad Spend: Get a pulse on campaign performance across Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Hubspot Marketing, LinkedIn Ads, and Pinterest Ads

Looker Blocks® with Fivetran

Salesforce by Fivetran

The Salesforce Block by Fivetran provides analysis on sales opportunities and operations.

NetSuite by Fivetran

The Fivetran block for NetSuite lets you easily visualize and analyze your NetSuite data.

Zendesk by Fivetran

The Zendesk Block by Fivetran provides analysis on ticket information and customer support issues.

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