Looker partners with consulting organizations with a regional, national or global presence in systems integration and implementation services. Highly trained and certified in Looker technology, our partners are qualified to deliver and maintain modern data analytics solutions for our customers.

Program Tiers

Looker has designed a tiered partnering framework that affords greater advantages to partners that make deeper commitments to Looker and the Looker Data Platform. Partners can kick off their engagement with Looker with no financial investments.


No investment except time. We’ll help you build a business case and get trained on Looker.


Invest a little to get a lot. Reap more benefits as you engage more with the Looker teams.


Invest more and go deep. Dedicated help, more tools, and closer integration with Looker sales and other teams.

Consulting Partner Benefits

  Registered Reg. Standard Std. Advanced Adv.
Partner Portal Access
Partner logo display
Monthly communications
Demo & development instances
Dedicated partner webpage  
Partner management  
Simple business planning  
Featured partner listing    
Product roadmap sessions    
Annual business planning    

*All based on case by case eligibility.

Program Requirements by Tier

  Registered Reg. Standard Std. Advanced Adv.
Contract General partner agreement
(option to join Referral program)
General partner agreement
(option to join Reseller or Referral program)
General partner agreement
(option to join Referral, Reseller or BSP program)
Annual Program Fee FREE $500 $1500
Business Contribution
Joint Customers

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Program Types

Commercial terms of the partnership with Looker. A partner may participate in more than one program as long as they meet the criteria and have Looker management approval.


Any tier of partner can earn a referral fee on every closed deal they source.


Standard or Advanced partners can resell the Looker Data Platform and earn competitive margins.

Business Solution Provider

Advanced partners can deliver go-to-market solutions for industry or specific use cases built on Looker.


Any tier of partner can build Looker Blocks™, webhooks or data actions and drive faster time-to-value for customers.

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