Create the ultimate customer experience

Data driven communication with Looker and Braze drives the most value from your customer base.

Deliver impactful messaging

Braze’s customer engagement platform facilitates building real-time user segments and orchestrating cross-channel messaging (push, email, in-app, web, SMS) experiences based on user behaviors.

Realize the value in your data

Looker makes data collected by Braze available for reporting and ad-hoc exploration. Analyses like retention, engagement, and marketing pressure can be easily curated in Looker, plus any customized reporting needs and additional data sources.

Create customized campaigns

Trusted data from Looker across all an organization’s sources can be used to create custom campaigns in Braze. Schedule data directly from Looker to Braze’s platform on a one-off or recurring basis.

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Use Looker and Braze product integrations to get the most value out of both tools

Leverage powerful data from Looker and Braze to make your messaging experiences even more impactful.

User behavior analytics

  • Retention analysis using any methodology, time range, retention event, and cohosting
  • Session segmentation by OS and Platform
  • Purchase behavior monitoring, to determine leading indicators of a buying user
  • Top custom event types to identify popular features and content

Message engagement analytics

  • Engagement funnels that can be sliced and diced by any dimension or time period
  • Deliverability monitoring to keep an eye on bounce rate
  • Marketing Pressure: Observe and understand your users’ engagement patterns to find the perfect cadence and channel combination
  • Conversion behavior analysis, both direct and influenced
  • Uninstall tracking over time to reveal whether specific campaigns are driving or preventing app uninstalls

Flag users in Braze

  • Take Action on Custom Data: Combine engagement data tracked by Braze with all your Looker-accessible data sources and act on it by tagging relevant users
  • Improve Time-to-Action on Insights: Cut down on time to implement data-driven messaging to your user base, increasing the responsiveness and effectiveness of your outreach.
  • Support Data Democratization: Every marketer with access to Looker can tag users in Braze without programmatically hitting our API, no engineering resources necessary.

Looker’s flexibility and integration with other tools allows us to drive meaningful personalization across our products and services.

Andrew Bieber, Head of Customer Experience, Car Next Door

Looker Blocks® for Braze

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