SANTA CRUZ, CA. – December 12, 2018 – Looker, a leading data platform company, today announced that SilkFred – a UK online retail platform – has deployed Looker to enhance its customer-led approach to selecting and managing its network of independent fashion brands.

SilkFred, which was established in 2012 and already boasts over one million social followers, provides a platform to enable over 600 up-and-coming clothing brands to reach a wider audience. The company implemented Looker across its entire 70-person team to help it build a deeper understanding of its customers, how they behave and how they perceive its independent labels. SilkFred can then quickly feed this information back to the brands, providing them with metrics on the performance of their product and marketing strategies.

Deploying Looker has removed the guesswork from business planning for the SilkFred team - especially during seasonal peaks in demand. In some instances, the data surprised the team, with some product ranges attracting interest and sales from outside of their core target markets.

“It’s easy to make assumptions about products, customers and demographics – but with Looker, we make every decision based on facts,” Emma Watkinson, CEO and co-founder of SilkFred said. “We’ve been able to be more customer-led, building stronger relationships with shoppers, while transforming the way our entire team works with data,” she added.

“Our goal is to continue growing in the UK, harnessing Looker to help us make better, more informed commercial decisions, as well as helping us identify potential areas as we seek to expand into new international markets,” Watkinson said.

Prior to the introduction of Looker, the process of producing data reports could take up to three days and relied on developers to refine, analyze the datasets and share reports. Now analytics has been opened to everyone across the company, giving access to this critical insight in just minutes.

Developers have also been significantly freed up and are now more available to innovate, experiment and test new ideas. The team is in the process of developing a new app and have benefited from the extra time its developers can invest in this and other strategic processes.

“The democratization of data across the SilkFred business has driven an increasingly personalized approach to doing business,” added John O’Keeffe, VP of EMEA at Looker. “From tracking brand performance to merchandising and customer behavior, Looker is enabling informed decision making across the business – with access to data no longer confined to the analysts or developers.”

About Looker
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About SilkFred
SilkFred is a fast growing online fashion retailer that sells unique affordable fashion from over 600 independent and up and coming brands. Best known for building close relationships with customers on social media, SilkFred is a customer centric company loved by their loyal shoppers and the entrepreneur brands they work with. For more information, visit

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