Santa Cruz, CA – August 01, 2017 – Looker, the leading data platform company, has introduced a slew of new features as part of the company’s recent, monthly major upgrades. Innovations include industry-leading Smart Caching, Advanced Time Zone Control, Personalized Scheduling, as well as brand new Timeline and Funnel Visualizations. These features are just four of the 60 new features, improvements, and updates Looker has recently released to its customers.

“Our four-week release cycle is core to our engineering philosophy for two reasons: we believe in giving customers the features they want as soon as they’re ready, and iteration is only possible if you’re able to work from real usage data,” said Colin Zima, VP of Product at Looker. “The best part is, because we’re able to move so fast, customers get an even better version of a feature four weeks later.”

As a modern data platform, Looker releases major upgrades on a four-week release cycle to provide customers with a stream of new features, functionality and tools to take advantage of the ever-changing data landscape. The latest set of product upgrades includes these notable innovations:

Smart Caching - Looker is the first and only data platform that makes it simple to tie all of an enterprise’s data systems together. With Smart Caching, Looker provides a robust set of options to keep the entire data pipeline -- from ingestion to dashboard -- perfectly in sync. This ensures users are always seeing the freshest data, while minimizing strain on the database.

User-Level Time Zone Control - Properly accounting for the time zone where data was collected and the timezone where it’s being viewed is a longstanding challenge for BI tools. Looker now provides the industry’s most comprehensive set of tools allowing administrators to control display timezones for entire dashboards or individual dashboard tiles, and allowing individual users to override those settings at any time with the click of a button.

Personalized Scheduling - As a data platform, Looker has long offered robust scheduled delivery options for saved reports and dashboards. Recent updates make maintaining complex schedules simpler than ever, allowing users to schedule a single dashboard to many users and have every query’s results personalized for the recipient. Scheduled content can take account of personalized attributes like a user’s account list, team or location to get them relevant data with minimal work. Managers and team leads have the power to maintain one dashboard and send it to their entire team, filtered for each member. For example, a sales manager can maintain one dashboard showing the status for all of an account executive’s opportunities, and then schedule delivery of that dashboard to all their AEs. Each AE will receive the dashboard personalized with just their opportunities.

New Visualizations - Looker now offers timeline charts to help users visualize events or processes happening over time, whether it’s staffing coverage, website sessions, or product development cycles. Looker’s Funnel Visualizations have also improved to give multiple options for visualizing the percentage of users who drop out between each stage of the funnel.

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Looker is the business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform part of the Google Cloud data and analytics suite. Transcending traditional BI, Looker powers data experiences that deliver actionable business insights at the point of decision and infuses data into products and workflows to allow organizations to extract value from data at web-scale. More than 2,000 industry-leading and innovative companies, such as Cisco, Sony, Amazon, Essence, Home Depot and IBM, have trusted Looker to power their data-driven cultures. For more information, visit Looker or Google Cloud and connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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