Santa Cruz, CA – Nov. 14, 2013 - Looker, a company with a next-generation approach to data discovery and business intelligence (BI), today announced support for Amazon Redshift and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS). Customers can now implement a cloud BI solution that combines Looker’s data discovery platform with the power and flexibility of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, enabling agile storage and robust analytics of critical business data.

Looker has reinvented BI so it’s fast, powerful, and easy to manage. Its Web-based data discovery platform provides leverage for data analysts and promotes collaborative, curiosity-driven analytics throughout any business. Looker complements the advanced cloud infrastructure on AWS by relying on the underlying database for query processing. Customers can build their own big data cloud on AWS, then use Looker to take full advantage of the power and ease-of-use of AWS database services—without any need to move, re-architect, or unsecure their data for analytics.

“Looker gives us a completely new way to explore our data and collaborate on insights and solutions across our company. We tried other vendors' solutions, but none could offer the combination of flexibility, power, and ease-of-use that Looker does,” said Daniel Mintz, Director of Business Intelligence at Upworthy. “By combining Looker with Amazon Redshift, we get the most from our cloud infrastructure and applications: virtually unlimited scalability, affordable cost, and an intuitive end-user experience that makes it possible for all our employees to dig into our data for insights.”

To stay competitive, companies are overwhelmingly shifting to cloud infrastructures, with worldwide spending on public IT cloud services expected to soar from $47.4 billion in 2013 to more than $107 billion in 2017, according to IDC. By using Looker with Amazon Redshift or Amazon RDS, businesses can match the agility of cloud infrastructure with a BI platform that will keep them ahead of the curve and adapt to rapidly evolving business demands.

“The business intelligence industry missed an innovation cycle by not evolving to take advantage of cloud infrastructure, fast analytic databases, and modern web technologies,” said Frank Bien, CEO of Looker. “Today’s business leaders and data innovators were raised on the web, and they’re looking for tools that work the way the web works. Looker has completely re-architected the BI stack for this new wave of curiosity-driven businesspeople.

“We’re pleased to see Looker add support for Amazon Redshift and Amazon RDS to its innovative cloud-based BI platform,” said Brian Matsubara, Head of Global Technology Alliances, AWS. “Used together, these technologies enable customers to benefit from the performance, ease-of-use, scalability and low price of Amazon Redshift and Amazon RDS, as well as Looker’s rich data discovery and BI capabilities.”

Looker support for Amazon Redshift takes full advantage of the analytical and performance benefits of Amazon Redshift, a fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service. Looker’s 100 percent in-database approach enables data analysts to access data in near real-time, exploring the entire dataset directly in Amazon Redshift and increasing the speed of query performance. They can build complex models on top of any Amazon Redshift dataset, transforming data on the fly and building new models from raw data in a matter of minutes.

Looker support for Amazon RDS combines Looker’s web-based approach to BI with the ease of creating an analytical infrastructure that’s scalable, cost-effective, and easy to manage. Customers can quickly set up powerful analytical environments that are 100 percent in the cloud, then distribute a browser-based experience that enables anyone in the organization to access the data they need to make smart business decisions. Customers can deploy Looker within their AWS Security Groups and add resources via AWS to Amazon Redshift and Amazon RDS for scalable, high-performing big data analytics.

Looker support for Amazon Redshift: 

About Looker
Looker is an inventive software company with a modern approach to unleashing the value of business data. Born of the Web, Looker’s data discovery platform powers the work of data analysts while fueling (and fulfilling) the business user’s curiosity—creating a discovery-driven culture throughout the customer’s organization. Looker was purpose-built to interact with the next generation of analytic databases, like Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS, HP Vertica, Greenplum, and others. The company was founded by Lloyd Tabb, Principal Engineer at Netscape and former CTO of LiveOps. Investors in Looker include Redpoint Ventures, First Round Capital, and PivotNorth. The company is based in Santa Cruz, Calif.

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