New products of the week 10.24.16
NetworkWorld October 24th, 2016

| Looker 4 Key features - A radically simplified, complete data platform that allows companies to easily integrate, transform, govern, explore, visualize, and deliver data anywhere, in virtually any application.

“Putting Data Everywhere”: Leveraging Centralized Business Intelligence for Full-Blown Data Culture
AnalyticsWeek October 24th, 2016

For most organizations, the introduction to the holistic organizational transformation required for implementing data culture begins with business intelligence. According to Looker Chief Data Evangelist Daniel Mintz, however, the efficacy of even the most powerful analytics yielded from BI tools has traditionally been hampered by one onerous obstacle:

Looker flouts conventional wisdom in making data lakes accessible
ZDNet October 20th, 2016

Looker aims to make self-service manageable by taking a unique approach to modeling the data assets underneath. Sounds far-fetched? Tell that to the hundreds of customers who've doubled the company's business over the past year alone.

Looker overhauls flagship business intelligence suite
SiliconAngle October 18th, 2016

Popular business intelligence startup Looker Data Sciences Inc. kicks off its Join user conference today with the announcement of a complete overhaul of its flagship product that the company claims is easier to use, more extendable and works with a broader range of data sources. Looker is also announcing the Looker Blocks Directory, a collection of more than 50 pre-built, reusable analytic templates created by the company and its partners. The directory also houses 12 full-blown applications that apply Looker to common analytics tasks.

Looker expands beyond the confines of the application in its latest release
TechCrunch October 18th, 2016

Looker announced version 4 of its data visualization tool today with expanded ways to make use of the data beyond the interface itself.

Looker 4.0 Pushes BI Out Programmatically
CMSWiRE October 18th, 2016

| Santa Cruz, Calif.-based Looker's raison d'être has been to make business intelligence as modular as possible — and then insert those modules into every nook and cranny of the enterprise. Anything, even a bot, can be improved with embedded analytics, according to Looker's worldview. The company advances this theme significantly with today's release of Looker 4.0, a platform upgrade that the company calls the most significant in its corporate history.

Riding the Big Data wave during shifting tides
SiliconAngle September 2nd, 2016

A business may have the tools to access its data and even analyze that data, but making that information available and accessible to non-data scientists remains the challenge. Looker Data Sciences, Inc. aims to solve this dilemma with a data platform that lets data analysts have their way with data, and then easily exposes this data so that his or her team, partners and customers can ask and answer their own questions.

5 Q’s for Frank Bien, President and CEO of Looker

The Center for Data Innovation spoke with Frank Bien, president and chief executive officer at Looker, an analytics and business intelligence (BI) software company headquartered in Santa Cruz, California. Bien discussed the importance of making it easier for business users to ask questions using data, as well as how to foster a data-driven culture in a business.

Looker’s slick Slack integration inserts data directly into conversations
TechCrunch March 17th, 2016

Looker, a data visualization and business intelligence startup announced a new component today that brings Looker data directly into Slack conversations without having to access the program separately.

Creating “Data Culture” with Self-Service Analytics
AnalyticsWeek February 24th, 2016

The impact of self-service analytics on the enterprise is profound in many ways. It considerably expedites access to data and analytic results, competitive tools can eliminate the previously dominant silo approach, and it puts greater amounts of data in the reaches of business personnel who actually use them.