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Looker Data Applications make it easy for companies to quickly deploy expertly built, tailored solutions specific to each business unit.

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Looker’s Department Solutions

Looker Data Applications make it easy for companies to quickly deploy expertly built, tailored solutions specific to each business unit. Instead of siloed departmental systems that analyze only a subset of data, Looker Data Applications offer analysis catering to each department on top of a single source of truth.

Sales Analytics

Stop spending the greater part of your day massaging data and calculating conversions in Microsoft Excel. Looker makes it possible to get the reports, dashboards, and data the sales team needs to perform more effectively.

sales dashboard

UpCounsel knows it can sell more efficiently by using sales data to inform its sales team.


  • Gives sales reps a dynamic dashboard directly in Salesforce
  • Tracks, evaluates, and manages deal status and pipelines with real-time data
  • Frees sales rep time for more customer contact instead of reporting
  • Sales Pulse
  • Sales Rep Comparison
  • Rep Success
  • Pipeline Analysis

Monitor sales team success by:

  • Getting an at-a-glance picture of overall team performance
  • Comparing today's performance to current and historical goals
  • Tracking open pipeline by likelihood to close

Compare individual performance by:

  • Seeing how each sales rep is performing
  • Determining impact of deal pipeline on rep performance
  • Identifying what can be done to improve performance

Close more deals by:

  • Quickly assessing the status of each account, opportunity, and lead
  • Keeping track of pipeline to hit quota every month
  • Identifying deals that are more likely to close
  • Comparing your performance against the team’s

Understand pipeline trends by:

  • Getting real-time insight into available pipeline and trends
  • Keeping track of pipeline to hit quota every month
  • Comparing rep pipeline stages to determine potential

Operations & Logistics Analytics

When your company’s success depends on efficient inventory or process management, you need nimble tools that can be tailored to your workflow and quickly adapt to changes. With Looker, see the whole picture and the whole journey of every product.

sales dashboard

ThredUP turned to Looker because its success depends on efficient process management.

Using Looker, ThredUP:

  • Tracks every item and and SKU as well as aggregating trends in real time
  • Evaluates the performance of every processing station in each distribution center
  • Measures performance with metrics like units per hour to evaluate employees
  • Warehouse Operations Module
  • Operations Overview Module
  • Workforce Management Module

Increase productivity and coordination by:

  • Viewing every stage in your operational funnel
  • Easily finding detailed information on any SKU
  • Monitoring pinpoint tracking to see the exact location of any item

Increase productivity and coordination by:

  • Streamlining logistics and tracking trends
  • Improving visibility for executive management to ensure that goals are hit
  • Identifying operational friction points and drilling into details

Refine process by:

  • Identify training opportunities on an individual level
  • Monitoring worker performance against KPIs and targets
  • Tracking how new employees ramp up

Customer Success

Looker makes it easy to bring together all the data you’re collecting about your customers—from how they buy to what support issues they’ve had to how they use the product on a daily basis—into one centralized view. Customer success teams can then take specific proactive actions to keep customers happy.

sales dashboard

Asana chose Looker because the company knows that customers who are successful with its product are much less likely to leave.

Using Looker, Asana:

  • Created a customer health score that includes product usage
  • Analyzes health score metrics daily and drill-down to understand what’s happening
  • Embeds dynamic Looker dashboards into an internal portal
  • Customer Health
  • Customer Lookup
  • At-Risk Customers

Increase health, engagement, and retention by:

  • Creating custom health scores and monitoring health trends
  • Identifying features that encourage usage
  • Accurately predicting and eliminating customer churn

Gain a comprehensive view of your customers by:

  • Equipping teams with a holistic understanding of each customer
  • Accessing product usage metrics and behavioral trends
  • Identifying power users and common support requests

Automate retention-driving actions by:

  • Viewing a prioritized list of the most at-risk customers
  • Understanding causes of declining health scores
  • Automating follow-up actions

Marketing Analytics

With the Looker Data Application for Marketing Analytics, all of your campaign data and analytics are centralized in a single dashboard so everyone can see how everything is performing. Learn how each marketing channel is driving leads and which of those leads converts to revenue. Instead of relying on disparate sources that give a partial picture, know what you need to do to drive leads, improve conversion rates, and increase spend. Pick and choose from these modules for your specific needs.

sales dashboard

DigitalOcean's Marketing team uses Looker is used to help drive growth by monitoring their engagement data.

Using Looker, DigitalOcean:

  • Keeps track of KPIs, acquisition targets, and conversion rates across their Marketing channels
  • Provides the entire team with flexible yet governed view of their customers' engagement
  • Has the ability to track trends and iterate on what's working more rapidly
  • Lead Pulse Module
  • Channel Comparison Module
  • Customer Retention Module

Know how leads are performing by:

  • Easily determining overall campaign performance
  • Comparing leads from various lead sources and campaigns
  • Managing aggregate leads, cost, and how form fills are tracking to goal

Efficiently distribute budget by:

  • Comparing channel performance by cost (CAC), conversion, and percent to goal
  • Learning what campaigns, channels, and content perform best
  • Allocating budget to most impactful campaigns

Understand different customer groups by:

  • Segmenting customers and monitoring retention over time
  • Calculating customer lifetime value and average customer life
  • Determining actions that lead to repeat purchases

Support Analytics

Your support team should be responsive, knowledgeable about historic encounters with each customer, and effective at resolving issues. Give your your entire team access to customized and complex analysis that appropriately measures your unique support business. Pick and choose from these modules for your specific needs.

sales dashboard

Kickstarter’s support team chose Looker because it wanted to continually improve the quality and results of its work.

Using Looker, Kickstarter:

  • Developed a deep understanding of drivers of customer satisfaction
  • Built a dynamic dashboard showing performance metrics like "satisfaction quality"
  • Drills down to the details to deeply optimize customer service
  • Support Overview
  • Agent Comparison
  • Customer Experience

Get a complete picture by:

  • Viewing the entire history of each customer’s interaction
  • Tracking if and how issues are resolved
  • Seeing how each interaction impacts customer happiness

Gain real-time insights by:

  • Easily tracking overall support performance
  • Assessing ticket severity to better prioritize tickets
  • Spotting ticketing trends early

Allocate resources efficiently by:

  • Tracking and improving team performance
  • Determining opportunities for training
  • Seeing how agents or actions impact issue resolution

Web Analytics

Your website is critical to your business. It’s the face of your brand, how you build relationships with customers, and often your point of sale. Looker makes mapping user interactions on your site simple, opening up new analyses to help you decipher customer preferences, surface your company’s strengths and weakness, and guide changes that will drive results. Pick and choose from these modules for your specific needs.

sales dashboard

Looker helps Hipcamp fuel growth and manage every aspect of its online business.

Using Looker, Hipcamp:

  • Understands user flow and knows what steps have high drop-off rates
  • Tracks unique visitors across multiple devices for a more accurate conversion funnel
  • Monitors traffic in real time: daily active users, bounce rate, and new vs. returning visitors
  • Website Optimization
  • Customer Journey
  • Visitor Profile

Understand customer experience by:

  • Determining what pages convert most effectively
  • Learning where customers drop out of the funnel
  • Sessionizing user visits and tracking unique visitors across multiple devices

Improve conversions by:

  • Creating A/B tests to inform design decisions
  • Monitoring results live, as they happen, to take action quickly
  • Watching performance over time to optimize long-term results

Manage your website by:

  • Building visitor cohorts and understanding actions such as time on site
  • Comparing conversion rates of different user groups
  • Understanding visitor engagement and retention

Product Analytics

Understanding user experience is the core of creating and developing a successful SaaS product. Looker’s Product Analytics App makes it easy for product managers and engineers to design and develop better products with clear insight into the impact of product changes, friction points, and differences in behavior across customer segments. Pick and choose from these modules for your specific needs.

sales dashboard

Venmo’s product team members embraced Looker because Looker’s real-time insights helped them design a better product.

Using Looker they:

  • Conduct A/B tests to immediately understand the impact of feature changes
  • Understand different customer groups with straightforward cohort analysis
  • Help everyone understand the customer experience by giving access to the data
  • User Behavior
  • A/B Testing
  • Retention

Improve user experience by:

  • Understanding how users navigate to optimize engagement
  • Drilling into friction points or low conversion steps to determine cause
  • Sending educational emails triggered by user actions (or inaction)

Rapidly iterate and refine your product by:

  • Seeing exactly how users respond to product changes
  • Understanding new user behavior in contrast to returning user behavior
  • Optimizing engagement by tracking the impact of each new feature

Understand customer behavior by:

  • Segmenting customers and monitoring each cohort’s retention over time
  • Calculating customer lifetime value and average customer life
  • Determining actions that drive repeat usage

ecommerce analytics

The Looker Data Application for eCommerce Analytics allows companies to seize a significant competitive advantage by providing all users with access to all the data so that anyone can analyze it. Understand every aspect of your business, from how web page activities impact conversion rates to finding friction points in the purchasing process, so teams can take action and drive purchases. Pick and choose from these modules for your specific needs.

sales dashboard

Looker makes it easy for Lyst employees to see their customer, web, and sales metrics all in one place.

Using Looker:

  • The business team evaluates revenue pipelines and analyzes fashion trends
  • The web team analyzes web traffic and identifies opportunities for new markets
  • The product team focuses on how to drive repeat customers
  • Business Pulse
  • Brand and Category lookup
  • Customer Lookup

Get important business insights by:

  • Viewing all critical metrics in one centralized dashboard
  • Tracking real-time and historic performance against goals
  • Projecting growth

Know the products that drive business by:

  • Understanding the best products, brands, and categories
  • Comparing successful items to other items in your store
  • Breaking down spending by basket or customer lifetime

Allocate resources efficiently by:

  • Tracking and improving team performance
  • Determining opportunities for training
  • Seeing how agents or actions impact issue resolution

Digital Advertising Analytics

With Looker, advertising analysts can rapidly optimize impressions across many different outlets to serve their clients and maximize returns on available ad space for publishers. Pick and choose from these modules for your specific needs.

sales dashboard

Looker helps Infectious Media give everyone access to data that helps the company serve its clients better and faster.

Using Looker:

  • The optimization team continuously refines ad campaigns for the best possible results
  • The account team gives clients immediate visibility on how ad campaigns are performing
  • The analytics team builds new optimization algorithms and runs in-depth, custom projections for clients
  • Business Summary
  • Client Services
  • Campaign Optimization

Manage platform performance by:

  • Identifying top advertisers and publishers
  • Monitoring accurate, real-time campaign performance metrics
  • Understanding ad success for different user segments

Increase publisher ROI by:

  • Knowing what content or providers perform best for each distribution type
  • Sharing ad campaign performance metrics for immediate visibility to clients
  • Improving client brand safety by flagging campaigns with high blocked impressions

Maximize advertisers’ impact and conversions by:

  • Adjusting campaigns while still in flight to optimize performance
  • Creating advanced models for new optimization techniques
  • Easily conducting and integrating in-depth custom projections

Media Analytics

Get a holistic view of your business, from how ads perform to content metrics to which product enhancements are delivering the most value. Instead of hacking together monthly reports from comScore, Salesforce, Doubleclick for Publishers, Nielsen, and Google Analytics, use Looker to access all your data in one place. Pick and choose from these modules for your specific needs.

sales dashboard

Every team at Upworthy uses Looker for the insight needed to keep the media site relevant.

Using Looker they:

  • The content team knows what does and doesn’t work by media, topic, and creator
  • The sales teams pitches ad inventory with proof of historical performance
  • The post-sales team shows customers campaign success metrics
  • The analyst team creates custom metrics for a true understanding of customers
  • ad execution
  • content performance
  • site pulse

Sell and maximize ad performance by:

  • Proving value with clear historical performance metrics
  • Creating detailed campaign performance reports
  • Identifying top-performing content pieces

Understand how people consume your media by:

  • Measuring engagement through views, time on page, bounce rates, and more
  • Following clickstreams as visitors move from one piece of content to the next
  • Monitoring social performance with key metrics, including tweets, likes, and shares

Improve customer experience by:

  • Understanding performance across type, topic, and creator
  • Seeing bounce rates over time and across content and device
  • Executing fast A/B testing to optimize for better engagement

Saas Analytics

In the ultracompetitive SaaS market, markets can be won or lost on the smallest of decisions. Looker makes it easy to bring data into every decision, from marketing spend to customer retention to which features in the product cause massive growth. Pick and choose from these modules for your specific needs.

sales dashboard

Hubspot uses Looker to drive its business strategy by creating custom metrics designed around specific areas of company focus.

Using Looker:

  • The analyst team creates and tracks customized metrics to drive strategy
  • Sales reps can check their performance and understand deal pipeline
  • The product team analyzes usage data to optimize and improve customer retention
  • business center
  • customer insights
  • event analytics

Manage your acquisition funnel and drive revenue by:

  • Tracking and forecasting your sales pipeline
  • Calculating customer lifetime value to inform marketing spend
  • Knowing aggregate leads, cost, and how form fills are tracking to goal

Keep your customers happy and returning by:

  • Monitoring custom health scores to immediately respond to negative trends
  • Identifying product features that encourage usage
  • Understanding common support requests to identify problem areas early

Understand your product and customer experience by:

  • Monitoring product performance with alerts if things go wrong
  • Seeing exactly how users respond to product changes with A/B testing
  • Knowing where users spend their time to maximize engagement


Make it easy for everyone in your company to understand exactly what is driving your players to keep coming back. Game developers can see what features are being used, level difficulty, and player lifetime value to enhance their understanding of what players love about their games. Pick and choose from these modules for your specific needs.

sales dashboard

Storm8, Sony, and SuperCell rely on Looker for the insights they need to build games their players love

  • Understand best features and player behavior with detailed event analysis
  • Monitor key platform metrics such as daily and monthly active users and average level achieved
  • Segment players to understand how different groups respond to the game
  • game overview
  • platform engagement
  • player overview

Take the pulse of your gaming platform by:

  • Analyzing downloads and purchases over time
  • Monitoring high-level player engagement metrics
  • Tracking trends in daily and monthly active users over time

Track every aspect of every level by:

  • Leveraging tailored game-specific metrics to understand player behavior
  • Assessing engagement and difficulty with quest attempts and completion rates
  • Refining pricing of in-game purchases to truly understand what converts to sales

Understand player performance by:

  • Segmenting players to understand differences in retention metrics
  • Discovering why players drop off, including number of attempts and time spent
  • Relating number of sessions to level reached

Endless Possibilities

Over 500 customers across every industry have built their data platforms on Looker.

Custom Visualizations

Build custom graphs, maps, tables, and images to display the exact analysis you need.

Every Industry

Looker’s modeling layer can transform any data from any source into meaningful analysis that your whole company can use.

  • customer stories

    "Looker is the cornerstone of our strategy. When we contribute to our Looker data model, we’re not only answering the question at hand, we are helping answer future questions."

    Justin Krause

    Business Intelligence Developer, Asana

  • customer stories

    "Take-up was so quick because people were just looking at this and saying, ‘I can access this data this easily? This is brilliant!’ It was a really noticeable shift."

    Rachael Morris

    Head of Optimization and Insight, Infectious Media

  • customer stories

    "Our marketing team wants to know, ‘How is this ad performing?’ We can now tell them with relative surety. It's still their decision, but they have that data now to make that decision."

    Rob Johnson

    Analytics Platform Director, Carbonite

  • customer stories

    "Now our entire sales team can easily view, explore, and track their performance against a variety of targets whenever they want. It removes the guesswork and puts much-needed data at the fingertips of our sales team, helping make them much more effective."

    Erin Breen

    Data Analyst, UpCounsel

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