Stack Overflow has built a vibrant online community where developers come to share knowledge and learn from each other. With 50M monthly visitors, the business needs data science to unlock value from their web-scale data.

Dr. Julia Silges, the lead data scientist, is responsible for finding ways to improve engagement and monetization of the platform. In this brief video, she describes the challenges she faces, and how Looker has helped make her data science workflow much more efficient.

Learn how Stack Overflow uses Looker to:
  • Shorten the time required for data prep from many hours to minutes
  • Integrate with best-of-breed data science tools like R Studio
  • Increase collaboration across multiple teams

About Looker:

Looker is a new kind of analytics platform that lets everyone in your business make informed decisions - from anywhere. Across industries, today's most data-driven businesses use the Looker platform to do more with their data.

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