Best self service BI strategy for businesses Data analyzation for all is possible with an SSBI platform.

Self-service business intelligence pairs raw data with powerful software to efficiently make sense of a vast warehouse of information.

Companies that have self-service BI can let their employees do the following:

  • Data visualization - Create improved data visualizations and projections that take out the guesswork
  • Data modeling - Anyone from a C-suite executive to an entry-level employee can use SSBI to make informed projections, visual reports, and data models
  • Custom dashboards - Users can create their own dashboards to analyze data specific to their department targets
  • BI governance - While different departments have different aims, self-service bi governance gives them access to the same data, but no unqualified users can change that data
  • End data silos - Self-service business intelligence platforms give businesses the power to explore data without having to place requests to the IT department or consulting outside analysts

Download our whitepaper, “The Best Self Service BI Strategy For Your Business” and explore the ways to scale your data without compromising data security.

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