Moderna uses the right dose of data to boost discovery

In a highly regulated industry, Moderna knows the critical importance data plays in key processes for the creation, approval, and distribution of vaccines and therapeutics. When the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, the pressure to find a fast, effective, and safe vaccine became a global priority.

As the need for accurate, auditable, and actionable insights has become greater, Moderna has leveraged its modern, multicloud data stack to prioritize the job at hand.

Learn how Moderna:

  • Leverages a multicloud data strategy to use & integrate the best tools for the job at hand
  • Integrates internal & external data sets for a more complete view of clinical trials
  • Reduces the time scientists spend on manual data manipulation to increase research time & collaboration

“Looker fits well with our multicloud philosophy because we can choose our preferred database and leverage integrations to make our data accessible and actionable.”
-Dave Johnson, VP of Informatics, Data Science, and AI at Moderna

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About Looker:

Looker is the business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform that is now part of Google Cloud.