Market Milestone – Google to buy Looker to transform business analytics Industry perspective from Amalgam Insights

Google recently announced its intent to acquire Looker to provide a more comprehensive analytics solution. This report provides the perspective of Hyoun Park, CEO and Principal Analyst at Amalgam Insights, who has researched and covered both companies for years. Read the report to learn why Looker is considered a ‘fundamentally different’ BI solution, including our:

  • Unique support for hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • Common data model, LookML, for defining governed business metrics
  • Interactive dashboards, data exploration, and embedded analytics
  • Modern platform built on a scalable, web-based architecture
  • Market traction and enterprise capabilities

“For organizations looking at multi-cloud and hybrid cloud management challenges, continue to consider Looker as a solution to provide consistent analytics across data environments.”
- Hyoun Park, CEO and Principal Analyst at Amalgam Insights

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Market Milestone

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About Looker:

Looker is the business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform that is now part of Google Cloud.