New York October 18-19, 2016

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Meet, mingle and share ideas with the most innovative minds in data and analytics

Looker’s first multi-day conference promises an engaging, interactive and unique opportunity to explore practical skills, build models and chat with data-peers and experts from the Looker team.


Anita Lynch

Head of BI & Analytics @ Amazon Prime Now

Suresh Duddi

VP Engineering @ Yahoo

Tomasz Tunguz

Partner @ Redpoint Ventures

Mike Brown Jr.

General Partner @ Bowery Capital

Stephen Dubner

Co-author of the Freakonomics series

Marc Randolph

Co-founder Netflix

Rahul Pathak

General Manager, Amazon Elastic MapReduce @ Amazon Web Services

John Lee

Global Lead, Big Data GTM @ Google

Michael Schiff

VP of Business Operations, Salesforce / Heroku

Jenn Clevenger

Data-Engineering Manager @Etsy

Nick Beim

Partner @ Venrock

Scott Breitenother

VP of Data and Analytics @ Casper

Andrew Nichols

Data Analyst @ Kickstarter

Adam Denenberg

Chief Technology Officer @ iHeartRadio

Jane Kelly

Director of Data Products @ Buzzfeed

Carl Anderson

VP, Head of Data and Analytics @ WeWork

Michael Kaminsky

Analytics Senior Manager @ Harry's

Erin Breen

Data Analyst @ UpCounsel

Brad Ellis

Product Manager @ Nuna

Rob Olson

Director of Data & Analytics @ DigitalOcean

Justin Riservato

Director of Data Engineering & Data Science @ Gilt

Andrew Malzberg

Manager of Insights and Analytics @ Bonobos

Chris Child

VP, Product @ Segment

Rex Gibson

Head of Data Warehouse @ Knewton

Aron Clymer

Head of Data and Analytics @ POPSUGAR

Robert Adler

Business Intelligence Manager @ Avant

Kelly Froelich

Senior Analyst @ ClassPass

Lucas Thelosen

Founder @ Das42

Dan Woods

CTO and Founder @ CITO Research

Lloyd Tabb

Chief Technology Officer @ Looker

Frank Bien

Chief Executive Officer @ Looker

Jen Grant

Chief Marketing Officer @ Looker

Colin Zima

Chief Analytics Officer @ Looker

Tait Kirkham

VP of Customer Success @ Looker

Keenan Rice

VP of Alliances @ Looker

Haarthi Sadasivam

Professional Services @ Looker

Daniel Mintz

Chief Data Evangelist @ Looker


Tech Track

Get ready to dig deep and explore cutting-edge methods for storing, operationalizing, and socializing your data. This track will introduce you to proven, new methods for writing more elegant analytic code. Learn how to avoid common mistakes that hinder data-informed decisions, and get tips from data application developers to expand the realm of the possible.

Data Stories Track

Pull up a chair for compelling stories about how data is informing today’s most innovative companies, including Casper, Etsy, Kickstarter, DigitalOcean, and Bonobos. You’ll hear from some of today’s cleverest analysts as they share tales that will blow your mind. We have data heroes among us today. Join us and listen to their stories.


Pull up a chair at the Kitchen Table to get your hands dirty with data. Experts from Looker and our consulting and technology partners will lead these small, hands-on workshops solving real data problems. Bring your questions and your laptop. No audience. Only participants.

Registration + Breakfast + Workshops

Arrive early to grab breakfast, meet our partners and tinker with data. We'll officially kick things off at 9:30am.

JOIN 2016 Keynote with Frank Bien, CEO Looker

Frank Bien, CEO of Looker - along with Amazon, Google and other data disrupters - will discuss how innovators are deeply integrating analytics into every aspect of their businesses, from mobile to warehouse to cloud.

Frank will share Looker’s vision for the future of business intelligence and data analytics and reveal pivotal product and partnership updates. This one is not to be missed.

Tech Track: Achieve the Impossible: 100% Usage

DP Suresh, Yahoo
Rob Adler, Avant
Julian Winternheimer, Buffer
Brian LaFaille, Looker Customer Success Manager
Moderated by Margaret Rosas, Looker Director, Department of Customer Love

It’s a common dilemma: You want to embrace a fully functional data culture, but where do you start? In this informative session, you’ll hear from leaders who are empowering everyone in their business with data, and providing the tools they need to do more. You’ll get answers about what data culture looks like in the real world, and hear about what’s working for these industry leaders.

Workshop: AWS + Looker: The Joint Solution

Partner Speaker: Amazon

Interested in learning more about the AWS Ecosystem? AWS boasts a host of tools and services that perfectly complement Looker’s architecture. Come join Amazon representatives as they help explain the benefits of the Looker + AWS Joint solution, answer attendee questions, and even help you spin up your own instance on the spot.

Workshop: Snowflake + Looker: The Joint Solution

Partner Speaker: Snowflake

Snowflake’s innovative JSON parsing functionality and elastic data warehousing solution makes monitoring, database scaling, indexing, and executing quick queries easier than ever before. Looker architecture, and direct querying of the underlying database, makes it the perfect tool to leverage Snowflake’ incredible processing power. Come hear Snowflake experts explain the reasons why Snowflake + Looker make such a compelling joint solution, including Snowflake’s native JSON parsing functionality.

Tech Track: Build Meaningful Dashboards

Catherine Aurelio, Looker Director of UX
Talal Assir, Looker Field Analytics Manager

An efficient dashboard can make all the difference in communicating critical information. Join us as Looker experts’ share their tips for designing effective dashboards, going beyond aesthetics to the design principles that add real value and lead to functional, effective dashboards.

Data Story: FullStack Analytics

Nick Amabile, Co-Founder and Principal, FullStack Analytics

Having run data teams at and Etsy, Nick has a passion for building data-driven organizations and helpings teams do more with data. Through his data story he’ll reveal how an alternative approach to ETL -- built using Looker and Google BigQuery -- enables deeper insights on all types of data in real-time with lower cost and shorter time-to-value.

Workshop: Common Transforms with SQL

Looker Speaker: Lara Tromba, Senior Sales Engineer

Pivots, funnels, sessions, retention curves: powerful forms of analysis. If only the SQL were as clean as the outputs. Stop modifying old queries and arguing with colleagues, and come hear a seasoned Looker expert share best practices for some of the most common types of analysis, including the most flexible design patterns and frequent pitfalls.

Data Story: DigitalOcean

Rob Olson, Director of Data & Analytics, DigitalOcean

Rob leads the centralized business analysis, data science, and data engineering functions that partner with decision-makers across his organization. Join us as he discusses the complex data problems surrounding identification of "bad actors" in DigitalOcean's user base - including identification, tracking, change measurement, and optimal user experience.

Workshop: ETL vs. ELT: Data Centralization with Stitch

Partner Speaker: Stitch

Salesforce, Netsuite, proprietary tools - wondering how you’re going to centralize data from all these sources? Don’t have the resources (or pain tolerance) to manage cumbersome ETL scripts across multiple sources? With Stitch, you can get all of your data centralized in a matter of hours. Plug the Looker Block for Stitch into that data, and arrive at a full, rich suite of analytics instantly. Come check out this workshop for a full demonstration of the Stitch + Looker joint solution.

Tech Track: There are Only 10 Ways to Measure Things

Haarthi Sadasivam, Looker Data Analyst
Rafael Jara-Simkin, Looker Sales Manager

When measuring something new, often the hardest question is the first one: What is the most informative way to measure this?. This session boils down the basics of “ways to measure”. We’ll also discuss ways things can go wrong, and how improved communication, collaboration, and open feedback between analysts and end-users all help to prevent setbacks.

Data Story: Etsy

Jennifer Clevenger, Manager of Data-Engineering, Business Insights, and Data Warehousing Team, Etsy

Jenn knows a thing or two about data engineering and warehousing, and enjoys exploring the high-speed collision of data analytics, eCommerce/marketing and UX Design. She’ll share stories from her experience crafting a data platform for the modern data consumer at Etsy.

Workshop: Switching BI Tools Made Easy with Converters

Partner Speaker: StratApps

Are you switching to Looker from MicroStrategy? How about from Oracle or Business Objects? Now converting is easier than ever. Looker partner, and big data experts, StratApps have developed a host of converters that translate the model and all business logic from these legacy tools directly to LookML. Come check out a demo of this converter to see just how simple the transition can be.

Data Story: Kickstarter

Andrew Nichols, Data Analyst, Kickstarter

Andrew has designed, built, and monitored databases for maximum efficiency, and is joining us to share stories and lessons learned while working through the process of crowdsourcing data in a rapidly growing company.

Workshop: Live Edit Your Warehouse: Looker + BigQuery + Google Sheets

Looker Speaker: Erin Franz, Senior Analyst, Alliances

With Google BigQuery and Looker, you now have the ability to live edit tables within a database, straight from the Google Sheets interface. Modify the spreadsheet and hit run to see those changes flow live into Looker. Notice a date or name is off? Finding duplicate rows? Need to create a mapping table to join onto a billion-row table? Come hear Looker Senior Analyst Erin Franz describe how you can save countless hours of backend work using this incredible new workflow.

Tech Talk: Is it Time to Switch? Database Deep Dives

Rex Gibson, Knewton
Jonathan Leedham,
Haarthi Sadasivam, Looker Data Analyst
Moderated by Colin Zima, Looker VP of Product & Chief Analytics Officer

What do you do when your data outgrows the capacity of your database? Do you switch? Is a new option really going to be an improvement? Hear from experts who’ve been there, and learn from their experiences dealing with today’s state-of-the-art databases, like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and HPE Vertica.

Data Story: UpCounsel

Erin Breen, Data Analyst, Upcounsel

Join us when Erin and her team talk about what it takes to build an effective data platform and how they’ve helped everyone at Upcounsel - a legal advice marketplace - to see the full picture of what’s happening in the business to make smarter, more informed decisions.

Workshop: Embedded Analytics as a Service

Partner Speaker: Treasure Data

Curious about white-labeling the Looker application? Wondering what it’d look like to monetize your data or analytics services? Looker’s architecture makes it uniquely capable of implementing external analytics services. Come hear one of Looker’s closest partners, Treasure Data, discuss how they’ve utilized Looker to deliver data to their customers, and the rewards they’ve enjoyed since introducing the offering.

Data Story: Heroku

Michael Schiff, Vice President of Business Operations

Overseeing all of Heroku’s Business Operations including Finance, Sales and Marketing Operations, and Analytics and Data Science, Michael provides real insight about how marketing and sales operations gurus use data to offer real-time enlightenment in any SaaS-based business.

Workshop: Visualize Anything: Custom Viz in Looker

Looker Speaker: Eric Feinstein, Senior Enterprise Services Consultant

Looking for a funnel visualization? How about a candlestick chart, or something three-dimensional? Looker includes the most common visualizations, but you can go much further. Anything you can visualize with D3 can go right into Looker. Looker’s custom-viz expert Eric Feinstein will be on hand to walk through the process for creating a new chart type, demo a host of custom visualizations we’ve built in the past, and even assist you in building out your own.

Tech Track: Push Data to Every Department

Justin Riservato, Gilt
Carl Anderson, WeWork
Erin Franz, Looker Senior Data Analyst
Moderated by Tait Kirkham, Looker VP of Customer Success

Any department in a business can benefit from quick and reliable data access, but most companies only leverage data in one or two departments. Come hear how companies -- including Looker -- are pushing self-serve analytics into every department, and explore its impact on their bottom line.

Data Story: How Data is Accelerating eCommerce

Archimedes Stuk,
Andrew Malzberg, Bonobos
Scott Breitenother, Casper
Moderator: Talal Assir, Looker Field Analytics Manager

In this panel discussion, moderated by Looker’s Talal Assir, hear from some of the most influential data-disrupters in eCommerce today. This experienced group will share stories about how they’re bringing more data to more people within their organizations, and leveraging a data-driven culture to compete with incumbents in their respective industries.

Workshop: Big Data Q&A

Looker Speaker: Todd Nemet, Product Manager, Big SQL / Hadoop

Are you using or considering Presto, Spark, Hive, or some other SQL-on-Hadoop engine? Looker’s Big Data Product Manager Todd Nemet has the answer to any questions you might have regarding these biggest of datastores and how they work with Looker.

Workshop: Embed Your Analytics in Salesforce

Customer Speaker: Erin Breen, UpCounsel

Looker’s data platform is going way beyond traditional Business Intelligence. Talk with Upcounsel about how Erin and her team were able centralize their workflows in a single tool by automating their Salesforce analytics using an embedded Looker solution, saving countless hours of employee time every week.

Workshop: Calculating Customer Lifetime Value

Partner Speaker: Intricity

Appropriately calculating and projecting customer lifetime value provides insights into an array of business questions: Which customers are most valuable? Where is our next marketing dollar best spent? Why are similar cohorts exercising different purchasing habits? However, many companies struggle to understand how to correctly calculate this value. Hear what LTV experts from Intricity have to say as they cover common pitfalls in the analysis, and how to most effectively structure the analysis for your business type.

Workshop: GCP + Looker: The Joint Solution

Partner Speaker: Google

Interested in learning more about the GCP Ecosystem? GCP boasts a host of tools and services that perfectly complement Looker’s architecture. Come join Google representatives as they help explain the benefits of the Looker + GCP Joint solution, answer attendee questions, and even help you spin up your own instance on the spot.

The Data-Driven View From Silicon V(Alley)

Tomasz Tunguz, Redpoint Capital
Nick Beim, Venrock Capital
Mike Brown Jr., Bowery Capital

Today’s most successful businesses are operationalizing their data, and using it to make better decisions. Hear from three data-driven VCs as they discuss the cutting edge of data and innovation, and share their thoughts on what is and isn’t just hype. See how data went from being the byproduct of business, to being the fuel that drives it.

Workshop: Access Controls and Space Permissioning

Looker Speaker: Abby West, Product Manager

Excited about the new permission and content control features of Looker? This major overhaul provides improved access and control over who can see what inside your Looker instance. Product manager Abby West will describe the new functionality, answer your questions, and give an overview of some practical examples and use-cases.

Workshop: HPE + Looker: The Joint Solution

Partner Speaker: HPE

HPE boasts a host of tools and services that perfectly complement Looker’s architecture. Come hear from HPE’s representatives as they help explain the benefits of the Looker + HPE Joint solution, answer attendee questions, and show you exactly what Vertica can do for you.

Democratizing Government Data

A fireside chat with Justin Antonipillai, Under Secretary for Economic Affairs, U.S. Dept. of Commerce

The Department of Commerce is America’s Data Agency, comprising key government data sources like the Patent and Trademark Office, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Census Bureau, to name just a few. Daniel Mintz, Looker’s Chief Data Evangelist, sits down with Justin Antonipillai to understand how the federal government is thinking about democratizing data and how it’s partnering with leaders from the private sector--including Looker--to make government data accessible, and useful, to all Americans.

Registration + Breakfast + Workshops

Arrive early to grab breakfast, meet our partners and tinker with data. We'll officially kick things off at 9:30am.

Marc Randolph, Netflix Co-founder, Shares a Few Crazy Ideas

Hear the story of Netflix, from co-founder Marc Randolph, and learn how Netflix combined rapid ideation, validation hacking, and a culture of data driven decision making to take down Blockbuster and disrupt the video business.

JOIN 2016 Keynote with Lloyd Tabb, Founder and CTO of Looker

Lloyd Tabb, Founder and CTO of Looker -- along with Colin Zima, VP of Product, and Daniel Mintz, Chief Data Evangelist -- dive deep into the major product advancements rolling out in the next few months. Hear how Lloyd, and Looker’s, vision builds from a core philosophy about the importance of language, how that flows into our product, and our how critical the input of our customers is to helping Looker grow into the best analytic tool the world has ever seen.

Lunch, Demos and Workshops

Tech Track: Deep Dive into New Product Updates

Nate Pickens, Looker Product Manager
Abby West, Looker Product Manager

You’ve heard some major product updates during Frank and Lloyd’s keynotes. Now dive into more details with our product managers, Nate and Abby. Learn how to immediately put these new advancements into practice with example code, demonstrations, and training. You’ll hear directly from the product managers who built these updates as they share the inspiration behind the new features and how they’ll roll out.

Data Story: BuzzFeed

Lyle Smith, Data Scientist, BuzzFeed

Embedded within the content organization of BuzzFeed, Lyle has the unique experience of working across the News, Entertainment, and Motion Pictures divisions. She will be speaking about the particular challenges of using data to empower creators while ensuring it doesn't inhibit creativity

Workshop: Big Data Q&A

Looker Speaker: Todd Nemet, Product Manager, Big SQL / Hadoop

Are you using or considering Presto, Spark, Hive, or some other SQL-on-Hadoop engine? Looker’s Big Data Product Manager Todd Nemet has the answer to any questions you might have regarding these biggest of datastores and how they work with Looker.

Data Story: POPSUGAR

Aron Clymer, Head of Data & Analytics, ShopStyle

Aron is passionate about democratizing data and believes the best results come from letting every team derive their own data insights. Come learn about how Aron works to help every ShopStyle employee access and utilize data, and how they’re leveraging it to maximum effect.

Workshop: Ask Questions, Get Data. Lookerbot for Slack

Looker Speaker: Nicole Beyer, Team Lead, Department of Customer Love

Introducing Lookerbot for Slack. Come check out how easy it makes it to put answers right at your fingertips. Even if you’re already using Lookerbot, come see some of the practical and helpful ways we’re using it internally. Our seasoned Looker analyst will leave you with great ideas about how you can put Lookerbot to work for you.

Tech Track: Explore the Full Power of Looker: Beyond BI

Catherine Aurelio, Looker Director of UX
Ryan Weber, ISCS
Sam Birk, Full Measure Education

More and more customers are using Looker as a full-featured data platform. Hear from businesses that are monetizing external analytics services and leveraging Looker to power custom applications, embedding Looker across the web. Get tips on how to expand the uses of Looker and start imagining actionable data environments not just for internal users, but also for your customers.

Data Story: ClassPass

Kelly Froelich, Kristin Heintz, and MacKenzie Seale

Kristin Heintz, Kelly Froelich and MacKenzie Seale are responsible for building a data platform and driving data adoption at ClassPass. Learn how they developed a data platform with team-specific data models, and common exploration blueprints that can be used for their entire organization.

Workshop: Scheduler, Webhooks, Zapier, Oh My!

Looker Speaker: Mike Xu, Senior Enterprise Architect

Looker is making it easier than ever to send data across the web so it’s where you need it, when you need it. Come brainstorm where you can deliver Looker data and even set up some webhooks to put data in Dropbox, or in Mailchimp, or on your phone.

Data Story: Harry's

Partner Speaker: Tectonic

If you enjoy stories about inventive thinking, don’t miss this one. Michael will explain how Harry’s built a tool to allow business users to take advantage of one of the most powerful techniques in biostatistics - Kaplan-Meier Analysis - to understand customer retention patterns.

Tech Track: Achieving Fluency: Writing Effective LookML

Mike Xu, Looker Senior Enterprise Architect
Talal Assir, Looker Field Analytics Manager
Josh Moskovitz, Looker Engagement Analytics Manager

Like any genuine language, LookML is constantly growing and adding new capabilities. And as with any language, the more you learn the more you realize there is to know. So we’ve gathered some of the most experienced LookML writers on the planet to talk about how to write effective, elegant LookML and answer all of your questions.

Data Story: Das42

Lucas Thelosen, Founder

DAS42’s goal is to foster a data-driven decision making culture, and to build a world where any metric is easily accessible to your employees helping business become more data-driven. Listen in as Lucas discusses the different stages of the analytics maturity curve, and how to know if you're ready to take the next step.

Workshop: Exploring New Looker Features!

Looker Speakers: Abboud Hammour, Senior Sales Engineer + Nate Pickens, Product Manager

Come join Looker Analyst Abboud Hammour and Product Manager Nate Pickens as they demonstrate a powerful new Looker product feature, to be announced at the event!

Data Story: How Data is Advancing the Healthcare Industry

Brad Ellis, Nuna Health; Jason Smith, Looker

Listen in as Brad Ellis of Nuna Health chats with Looker’s VP of Sales, Jason Smith. The two will discuss some of the new and innovative ways that data is being used with global healthcare companies to increase efficiency - and possibly even help save lives.

Workshop: Data Centralization with Fivetran

Partner Speaker: Taylor Brown, Co-Founder, Fivetran

Salesforce, Netsuite, proprietary tools - wondering how you’re going to centralize data from all these sources? Don’t have the resources (or pain tolerance) to manage cumbersome ETL scripts across multiple sources? With Fivetran, you can get all of your data centralized in a matter of hours. Plug the Fivetran Blocks for Looker into that data, and arrive at a full, rich suite of analytics instantly. Come check out this workshop for a full demonstration of the Fivetran + Looker joint solution.

Looker into the Future: Product Roadmap

Colin Zima, Looker VP of Product & Chief Analytics Officer
Abby West, Looker Product Manager

Things move quickly at Looker. Come hear about some of the coolest new features you may have missed, and all the exciting new features in the pipeline. Looker’s VP of Product and members of the Product Team will be on hand to discuss our product roadmap and chat about the features you’re most excited about.

Workshop: Building my Product on Looker

Looker Speaker: Zev Lebowitz, Senior Sales Engineer
Customer Speaker: Stephen Chandler, Enernoc

Interested in learning how people are extending Looker to power their entire product? Come learn how Looker’s API and embedding features work in the real world. Stephen Chandler of Enernoc joins Senior Looker analyst Zev Lebowitz as they describe how Looker customers have built completely custom, monetized analytics service for their customers, powered by Looker’s modeling layer and direct queries.

Workshop: Predictive Analytics with Looker and R

Looker Speaker: Marcell Babai, Senior Sales Engineer

R is a powerful statistical computing engine. Looker is a powerful data platform. See what’s possible when you bring the two together. Get ideas about how to integrate the power of a formal statistical modeling tool in your Looker environment from our own statistics expert, Marcell Babai, as he discusses how Looker and R can shape business decisions.

Stephen Dubner, Co-author Freakonomics

Looker Speaker: Marcell Babai, Senior Sales Engineer

Stephen J. Dubner is an award-winning author, journalist, and radio and TV personality. He is best-known as co-author of the books in the Freakonomics series, including Freakonomics, SuperFreakonomics, Think Like a Freak and When to Rob a Bank. They have sold more than 7 million copies in more than 40 countries. Dubner is also the host of the Freakonomics Radio podcast, which gets 5 million downloads a month.


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