Viewing Data
Building Tools
Developing Models

Start by seeing how Looker can make your work life easier and more effective.

Find and understand dashboards

Find saved reports and dashboards

Get started browsing in Looker, including basic navigation, seeing lists of saved reports, and searching for saved reports. In Looker, dashboards are saved into folders called “Spaces”.

View dashboards

Learn how to view dashboards and get more information about that data. A dashboard is a collection of charts and data tables, and sometimes has filters you can change to get at the data you're interested in.

In addition to dashboards, individual tables and charts are called "Looks," which you can see in this video.

Share dashboards

Send and schedule dashboards

Learn how to send dashboards in a variety of formats to email, FTP, and other destinations. Looks are also mentioned.

Get more details in our documentation about finding content, viewing dashboards, viewing looks, or even how to organize with spaces.

Keep learning with our free interactive training course.

Start by understanding the fundamentals of report building in Looker.

More about creating your own reports

Sort data and add column totals

Learn how to sort the data in your report and how to add column totals.

Pivot data and add row totals

Learn how to pivot data in your report and how to add row totals. "Pivoting" is a way to take rows and turn them into columns, which can make information much easier to read in some cases.

Filtering data overview

Learn how to filter information to get the specific data you want to see.

Get more details about filtering in our filtering data playlist, learn additional exploration features in our advanced exploring playlist, or learn about creating graphs and visualizations.

Build your own dashboards

Create a blank dashboard and add tiles

Learn how to create a blank dashboard and then add tiles to it. Tiles can contain a data table or chart.

Learn about two other ways to create dashboards in our creating dashboards playlist.

Change dashboard settings

Dashboards have various settings that can be changed. See what those settings are and how to change them in this video.

Learn about other dashboard features in our editing dashboards playlist.

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Start by understanding the usefulness of data modeling in LookML.

3 steps to learning the power of LookML

Step 1: Learn how to explore in Looker

Understanding your end-user's experience of exploring data will make it much easier to understand the impact of your data model.

So, if you haven’t already, check out our Building Tools Guide to learn this first.

Step 2: Learn SQL basics

If you're not already familiar with SQL it's a good idea to learn the basics before tackling LookML. Focus on selecting data and how to join.

Many resources are available online. Two free options we like are Khan Academy and SQLzoo.

Step 3: Learn LookML

Check out our free, interactive training course getting started with LookML.

You will be able to request a login to, a sandbox environment for learning LookML, in the beginning of this course.

Prefer reading documentation? Check out our LookML tutorials or LookML reference.

Still Need to Setup Your Looker Instance?

If you need to complete set up before trying LookML, and Looker is hosting your instance, start with our development process playlist.

Or, if your company is hosting the instance, start with our on-premise installation steps.

Keep learning with our free interactive training courses.

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