What is the G2 Crowd Grid Report?

The G2 Crowd Grid Report allows businesses to compare and contrast the best business intelligence (BI) platforms on the market. The grid matrix ranks platforms based on customer reviews of Looker’s capabilities including robust data integration, the discovery of data, ease of use for reporting, and creating and deploying internal analytics applications. The report also highlights satisfaction ratings, feature comparisons, ROI, implementation information, market presence and more.

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Leader in Embedded BI and Analytics Platform

Looker, Google Cloud's enterprise platform for business intelligence and analytics, is ranked as the leader among users on the 2020 G2 Crowd Grid Report. Looker makes it easy for companies to support internal and external users with trusted, real-time data. Users can leverage Looker to gain more actionable insights into products, services, and operational workflows—translating to faster, data-informed decisions.

#1 Leader in Embedded Business Intelligence

The G2 Crowd embedded BI category highlights the way developers can embed dashboards into other applications in order to provide more robust analytics in the context of existing workflows. The 2020 G2 Crowd Grid Report identified Looker as the #1 leader in this category, with an overall G2 score that places Looker in the top five platforms for business intelligence.

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Leader in Analytics Platform

The G2 Crowd Report business intelligence rankings also revolve around the reports, dashboards, and visualizations that make it easier for non-technical users to understand data. Looker was identified by the G2 Crowd Report as a leader within the industry, with regard to an easy-to-use interface and quality of support for an easy-to-use interface, including reports and visualizations that help users make decisions and take action.

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Reviews from G2 Crowd

See why reviewers on G2 Crowd love Looker.

Increase data literacy and empower teammates

“Analysts can define Explore menus to guide team analyses and control business logic. Using the same view across different Explores prevents duplication of logic.”

- Operations Analyst

A great tool for BI - I would highly recommend

“The tool itself is very easy to use. I have previously worked with Tableau and Power BI but find Looker to be more intuitive.”

- Digital Product Manager

Scalable & Actionable Data Via Looker

“Data Model Layer via LookML which ensure consistency of data, scalability of data governance and data definition, and arguably best self service analytics.”

- Head of Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Group

All G2 Crowd Reports

#1 Leader in Embedded Business Intelligence

Looker is recognized as the #1 customer choice among embedded BI platforms, receiving a high satisfaction score, with 96% of users rating Looker with either 4 or 5 stars.

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Leader in Analytics Platform (previously BI Software)

Analytics platforms provide businesses with a tool kit to gain insights and inform business strategy. Looker’s data-filtering, data querying, and data blending earned a top spot among the competition this year.

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Leader in Mid-Market Business Intelligence Software

Products in the mid-market analytics platform category are ranked by customer satisfaction based on user reviews and market presence—two areas where Looker excels.

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Implementation in Self-Service Business Intelligence

Looker ranks among the Top 10 of platforms implementation for ease of setup, implementation time, and user adoption.

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