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JOIN: The Tour is coming your way, and we’re bringing everything you’ll need to master the next wave in data.

Each stop is an exciting opportunity to meet with Looker experts, data mavericks and industry thought leaders, all on-hand to share proven insights on how to become more data-driven.

Get ready for thought-provoking presentations, informative discussions and interactive sessions, adopted from the best of our JOIN conferences.


Nick Caldwell

Chief Product Officer

Shoji Ozawa

Japan Country Manager

Lambert Billet

Chief Revenue Officer

Shinichi Kawakam

Sr. Consultant Professional Services

Colin Zima

Chief Analytics Officer

高橋 孝太郎 氏

マネージャー - データ駆動推進室

小森谷 一生 氏

ソリューション アーキテクト - 社長室

近藤 慧 氏

data planner - データエンジニアリングユニットデータソリューショングループ

山邉 哲生 氏

部長 - まなび事業統括本部,オンラインラーニング事業推進室,データイノベーション推進部

倉橋 健太 氏

Co-Founder and CEO


13:00 Registration + Demos
13:30 Welcome Keynote featuring Nick Caldwell, Looker Chief Product Officer & Customer Presentation moderated by Lambert Billet, Looker Chief Revenue Officer and Colin Zima, Looker Chief Analytics Officer
14:30 パネルディスカッション - ピクシブ株式会社 + 株式会社JMDC + Looker
15:00 Coffee break
15:20 カスタマープレゼンテーション - リクルートグループ
16:00 JOIN Session: Encouraging Analytics Adoption
16:30 Closing keynote: A glimpse into Looker’s product roadmap featuring Colin Zima, Looker Chief Analytics Officer
17:30 Happy Hour


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