London's Calling

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  • Keynotes featuring Frank Bien (CEO, Looker), Lloyd Tabb (Founder, Chairman & CTO, Looker), Colin Zima (CAO, Looker) and Nick Saretzky (Director of Product Development, OKCupid)
  • 250+ innovative minds in attendance for you to meet, mingle and share ideas with
  • 5+ hours of thought leadership and technical content delivered by some of the brightest data minds
  • 1:1 access to Looker Executives and Data Analysts
  • JOIN the Tour Launch Party - food, drinks, live music and fun!


8:00 AM JOIN the Tour Opens
Registration, Networking Breakfast and Partner Pavilion
9:30 AM Keynote Presentation
10:45 AM Tea/Coffee Break
11:15 AM Tech Talks ( 2 simultaneous tracks )

Discover ( track 1 )
Featuring Speakers from King, Urban Massage and Looker.
In this track you’ll discover tips, tricks and best practices for:
  • Creating a data-driven culture
  • Managing data centralisation
  • Optimising user adoption
  • Driving business value from your database and data analytics solutions

Accelerate ( track 2 )
Featuring Looker Data Analysts and Business Users
In this track we’ll delve into how to accelerate your use of Looker with sessions on:
  • Creating Explores End Users will Love
  • Optimising Speed with Looker
  • How to do more with the Looker platform
12:45 PM Networking Lunch and Partner Pavilion
2:00 PM Lightning Talks - Dr Ed, Holiday Extras, Essence, Dogbuddy
We like to get right to the point. Each presenter will have 5 minutes to share 20 slides. It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s informative, and it’s unforgettable
2:30 PM Stop Refreshing Vanity Metrics & Start Focusing On The Metrics That Inform Decisions
Discover how to Evolve beyond reporting on high level trends in your business, to deeper metrics that drive strategy and growth.
3:00 PM How we Looker at Looker
This session will spotlight different uses of how we Looker, at Looker.
3:45 PM Tea/Coffee Break
4:00 PM Closing Keynote Presentation
In <3 With Data
4:30 PM - 6:30 PM JOIN the Tour Launch Party
Join us for food, drinks, live music and fun!


Frank Bien

Lloyd Tabb
Founder, Chairman & CTO

Colin Zima
Chief Analytics Officer, VP Product

Jonathan Palmer
Head of BI

Nick Saretzky
Director of Product Development

Richard Eden
Head of Data
DrEd Online Doctor

Sarah Lipscombe
Data & Data Science Manager
Holiday Extras

Quindici Chung
Head of Analytics
Urban Massage

Nicola Monger
Senior DBA
Holiday Extras

Simon Goble

Iain Niven-Bowling
SVP, Technology

Pawel Zaborowski
Data Analyst

John O' Keeffe

Zara Wells
Customer Success Manager

Gerard White
Data Analyst

Kabalan Gaspard
Data Analyst

Megan Harvey
Director Alliances

Wiebke O'Connor
Account Executive

Sebastien Fabri
Data Analyst

Joseph Long
Marketing Manager

Will Savage
Data Analyst

Sean Higgins
Data Analyst

Joseph Axisa
Customer Success Engineer

Daniel Mintz
Chief Data Evangelist

Romain Ducarrouge
Data Analyst

Brecht Vermeire
Data Analyst



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