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What to expect

JOIN London is coming your way, and we’re bringing everything you’ll need to master the next wave in data.

An exciting opportunity to meet with Looker experts, data mavericks and industry thought leaders, all on-hand to share proven insights on how to become more data-driven.

Get ready for thought-provoking presentations, informative discussions and interactive sessions, adopted from the best of our JOIN conferences.


Scott Joslin

SVP – Data Strategy

Maire Newton

Education Manager

Neil Robertson-Ravo

Head of Data Platform

Nick Caldwell

Chief Product Officer

Stephen Coyne

Head of Data Analytics

Amy Southwood


Zara Wells

Customer Success Manager

Colin Zima

Chief Analytics Officer

John O’Keeffe


Neal Lathia

Machine Learning Lead

Jonathon Cook

Agile Product Owner

Iain Niven-Bowling

SVP Technology

Joseph Axisa

Customer Success Engineer

Richard Kerrigan

Sr. Consultant

David Szajngarten

Customer Success Engineer

Gerard White

Enterprise Sales Engineer

Bernard Kavanagh

Data Analyst Consultant

John Kaster

Senior Engineer


 = Hands-on Lab

Learn about how to achieve excellence with Looker from our team of experts. These workshops will be full of tips and tricks that we use ourselves at Looker and are intended to be hands-on, so be sure to bring your laptop.

 = Looker lead sessions

Looker experts share their insights and experiences to help you get the most out of your data. Sessions will focus on the strategies and best practices in building data experiences that deliver business value and encourage user adoption.

 = Customer lead sessions

Learn how local Looker customers are using data to drive their business.

8:30 AM Registration + Breakfast
9:30 AM JOIN Keynote

Looker's morning keynote will feature Looker CPO Nick Caldwell, and a fireside chat with local Looker customers Scott Joslin, SVP – Data Strategy - International at Turner, and Iain Niven-Bowling, SVP, Technology at Essence.

11:00 AM Break
11:30 AM Building Impactful Dashboards

When beautiful visualizations live in harmony on a dashboard, impactful analytics are born. We’ll help you understand your audience and the value of choosing the right combination of visualizations to enable them to get the most out of your dashboards.

Maire Newton, Bernard Kavanagh

What’s your modern data strategy? Building Innovative Solutions on the Looker Platform

Learn about exciting developments that make it easier than ever to realize the value of the Looker platform for your company. You should come away a few more perspectives, a strong toolbox, and fresh ideas that will inform how you can be more intentional (and less reactive) with a modern data strategy.

Colin Zima, Joseph Axisa

Steps to Data Analytics Success with MVF

Laying the foundations architecturally and culturally to achieve success and growth through data analytics.

Stephen Coyne

12:15 PM Lunch
1:15 PM Predictive analytics with Amazon Sagemaker

Learn how easy it can be to integrate Looker into your data science workflow and environment! This session will provide and hands-on walk-through of how you can integrate Looker with Amazon SageMaker for advanced modeling and analysis.

Joseph Axisa, Amy Southwood

Encouraging Analytics Adoption

This session will present best practices to encourage user adoption of analytics. Based on real-world feedback from Looker users around the globe, attendees will share tips on how best to appeal to data consumers, build compelling data experiences, and increase the efficiency of analytics teams.

Zara Wells

Looker Customer breakout: Ascential

Neil Robertson-Ravo

2:15 PM Enhancing Interactivity with Parameters and Templated Filters

Make dynamic fields an indispensable part of your Looker experience with Parameters and Templated Filters! In this lab, we’ll explore customer-favorite use cases and give you ideas of exciting examples to take with you.

Rich Kerrigan, David Szajngarten

The Science Behind Data Visualization

Data visualization is a beautiful way to communicate insights from your analysis to others. In this session, we will explain the science behind data visualization and provide a method that anyone, from analysts to business users, can use to create beautiful, powerful visualizations.

Maire Newton & Gerard White

Looker Customer breakout: IQVIA

Jonathon Cook

3:00 PM Break
3:30 PM Building Explores Users Love

Data is powerful, but it can also be overwhelming, especially if users don’t have a background in databases and/or analytics. Join us in this hands-on lab to learn how to design Explores that enable users to find what they need, when they need it.

Amy Southwood, Bernard Kavanagh

Embedding: Best Practices in Showing, Exploring and Integrating Data Anywhere

This session dives into the technical details of the tools in our platform toolbox, and demonstrates best practices around embedding that we’ve seen across leading organizations.

Colin Zima, John Kaster

How Monzo Enables Better Decisions, Faster

Neal Lathia

4:30 PM Looker's Product Roadmap

Colin Zima

5:15 PM Closing Party - The Partner Pavillion
7:15 PM Event Concludes





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