Big Ideas Welcome

Are you a developer looking to expand your data skills? Or a data analyst that wants to build the next great experience with data?

If so, this is a great platform.

Thank you.
We'll see you there!

Register today so you can:

Connect with Looker engineers as well as developers from some of Chicago’s top tech companies.

Work with the Looker data platform to build a new or unique data project.

Share the cool stuff you‘ve already hacked on Looker in our show and tell session.

Eat and drink delicious things.

Project Categories

Build new and compelling experiences that impact how the world interacts with data.

Integrations & Actions

We’ve built Looker integrations with Slack, Twilio, and JIRA. We invite you to create your own dream workflow between Looker and another application.

Data Developer Tools

Help enhance the Looker workflow by building tools that simplify the work of Looker developers.

Blocks & Data Storytelling

Build a Looker Block by modeling the schema from your favorite Saas application, or another dataset that you’re passionate about. You can also bring a dataset to model and build an amazing data story and present it.

Custom Visualizations

Build innovative and beautiful ways for Looker users to tell stories with their data, or expand upon our library of custom visualizations.

Looker's Developer Mission

Looker hackathons provide opportunities for developers and data enthusiasts to build projects and applications on our data platform. Learn about what the broader Looker community is building.


8:30 AM Registration + Breakfast
9:30 AM Opening Ceremony
10:00 AM Hacking
12:30 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Hacking
3:00 PM Break
3:15 PM Hacking
5:00 PM Closing Ceremony
6:00 PM Networking reception


What’s going on?

Looker’s throwing a hackathon in Chicago. A hackathon is an event where people with varied skills and interests come together to build new applications and experiences. This hackathon is for building tools on Looker’s data platform, and/or using Looker to construct a great story with data.

What is the price of admission?

Admission to the hackathon is free (and so is the food). We’ll also provide special Looker instances specifically created for development during this hackathon.

Who can attend?

Anyone can attend the hackathon. No prior experience with Looker or application development is necessary. We’ll give you all of the tools you need to have a great time building something incredible.

What can I build?

Anything you can imagine (within reason, of course). Build an integration to a supported external service. Add or create a custom visualization to make your data more interactive. You can even extend one of the existing open-source projects that use the Looker API.

What if I can’t code?

There's still plenty of "hacking" to do — even if you don't write code. For instance, you could add some new functionality to an existing dashboard, gain new insights from a set of data, or add filtering and table calcs. There’s room for all that and more.

Do I need to know how to use Looker to participate?

We’ve made Looker easy for anyone to build on, whether they know how to use it or not. Interested in learning how to model in Looker? We’ll have Looker experts that will help you every step of the way.

What if I don’t have a team or an idea?

Hackathons are about meeting new people and building projects together. If you’re looking to get inspired, check out Looker’s open-source library for cool projects.

If you’re looking to join a team, check out our Discourse channel to view teams that are recruiting.

What should I bring?
  • A laptop with WiFi connectivity
  • Your preferred keyboard or mouse
  • A power supply (you’ll want power for at least 12 hours)
  • Tons of ideas, enthusiasm, energy, and team spirit
  • Your Looker t-shirt or other swag

We’ll provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks, but may not be able to accommodate all dietary restrictions. If you have special dietary needs, please make sure to bring food you need to stay energized and keep hacking.

What if I have more questions?

Please ask them on our Community stream.