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Looker Spaces require a user to have viewing permissions to see it, and editing permissions to change its contents. If you’ve been given permission to organize your personal Space, or one or more other Space(s), this page explains how to do so.

Be careful when organizing Spaces, as the changes will affect all users who have access to the Space. This can even be an issue for your personal Space if other users are accessing Looks and dashboards in your Space.

Viewing and Managing Access for a Space

Space Permission Types

There are two permissions that can be assigned to a user or group for any given Space.

View: With this permission you’ll be able to see that the Space exists, and be able to see the Looks and dashboards inside it.

Manage Access, Edit: This permission gives you all the permissions that View includes, plus the ability to make changes to the Space, such as:

Viewing Permissions for a Space

To see the current permissions for a Space:

  1. Navigate to the Space. In the upper right, Looker displays a gear and, depending on your permissions, a New Space button.
  2. Click the Gear icon and choose the Manage Access option:

    If you are not allowed to change the permissions, Looker displays the permissions like this:

    If you are allowed to change permissions, the screen will appear as shown in the Managing Permissions for a Space section below.

Managing Permissions for a Space

You may have been given permission to manage a Space. This gives you the ability to edit the name of a Space, create subspaces, and specify who can view or manage the Space.

  1. Navigate to the Space and view its permissions. If there is an Add group or user field then you can manage the Space:

  2. If the Space is a subspace, Looker shows whether the Space currently inherits its permission settings from its parent. Choose whether the space should:

    • Inherit its permission settings from its parent Space.
    • Have a custom list of users and groups.

  3. If you chose to have a custom list of users and groups, you can:

    • Change the permission for a group or user by clicking their current permission level and choosing the desired permission. You cannot change the Admin group’s ability to manage the Space:

    • Remove the permission from a group or user by clicking the X beside the name.

    • Add one or more groups or users, by clicking the “Add group or user” field, choosing a group or user, then selecting the desired permission level:

Creating a Space

You can create a new Space within the Shared Space or your personal Space.

To create a new Space, first navigate to the Space that you want to contain it. In other words, if you want a new Space within the Shared Space, first navigate to that Space. Or, if you want a new Space inside the “Marketing” Space, make sure you’re in “Marketing”.

Next, click the New Space button in the upper right, enter a name for the Space, and click Create Space:

By default, a Space inherits the view and edit permissions of its parent.

Re-naming, Moving, and Deleting a Space

Subspaces within Shared or your personal Space can be re-named, moved, and deleted. The top-level spaces such as Shared or your top-level personal Space cannot be changed in this way.

To make a change first navigate to the Space of interest. Then choose the appropriate option (Edit enables re-naming) from the Gear Icon in the upper right:

Use caution when deleting a Space. In a single action you can delete all of a Space’s content, which could in turn contain other spaces. An admin might be able to recover the content of a deleted Space, but the content will be returned to the personal Spaces of the users that created it, not back to the Space that was deleted.

Copying and Moving Looks and Dashboards

If you have the Manage Access, Edit permission for a Space, its Looks and dashboards can be copied or moved to another space. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Check the box to the left of the item or items you want to change.
  2. Buttons will appear above the list of dashboards or Looks. Click Copy or Move.
  3. On the left side, click the name of a top-level space to navigate to it.
  4. On the right side, click the name of a subspace to use that subspace, or to navigate to a subordinate subspace. If there are many subspaces, you can type the subspace name into Search this Space to have the list filtered to just that subspace.
  5. When you have navigated to the space where you want to copy or move the items, click OK.

Looks and User Defined Dashboards can be saved into Spaces, as well as bulk copied or moved between Spaces. Any LookML dashboards reside only in the LookML Dashboards Space and cannot be saved into different Spaces.

Deleting and Renaming Looks and Dashboards

If you have the Manage Access, Edit permission for a Space, you can also delete or rename its Looks and dashboards. To do so, first check the box to the left of the items you want to delete or rename. Then, choose from the buttons that appear above the list of dashboards or Looks:

If you accidentally delete a piece of content an admin might be able to recover it for you, so long as your admin team has not already emptied Looker’s trash as part of their maintenance process.


Spaces enable you to organize your Looks and dashboards into logical buckets. This can be helpful when organizing the most relevant information for different segments of the organization.

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