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This page discusses how to download the data (but not the visualization) from a Look or from the Explore page in a variety of formats. Downloading a dashboard as a PDF is discussed separately on this page.

To download data from a Look or an Explore page, click the gear dropdown in the upper left and select Download:

Data can be downloaded in the following formats:

  • CSV
  • HTML
  • JSON
  • TXT
  • XLSX

You can choose how much data you want to download as follows:

  • Results in table - number of rows specified by the row limit of your Look
  • All Results - all results returned by the query
  • Custom Limits - a custom number of rows

Please use caution when choosing All Results. Some queries are very large, containing thousands or millions of rows, which can overwhelm most spreadsheet programs. If you do not see the All Results option, talk to your Looker Administator about permissions.

Click the Download button to download a file to your computer, or click Open in Browser to view the file in the browser.

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