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Preparing for Releases

  • In the release notes, items marked with a indicate changes to existing functionality that may require your attention as you upgrade.

  • We occasionally retire features. You can plan using this Legacy Features End-of-life Schedule.

Release 4.12

This release is currently rolling out. For more information, see this article.

Release 4.10 2017-03-19

Dashboards and Visualizations

  • Selective assignment of series to y-axes. Create or combine any number of y-axes. Learn more.
  • Introduced a Funnel visualization type. Learn more.
  • Added Visual Drilling to the Labs menu, allowing it to be disabled if so desired. Learn more.
  • Table Visualizations in PDFs now show their full width.



  • Google BigQuery. Introduced a Max Billing Gigabytes connection parameter which can be used to limit the size of any single query. It can also be tied to a User Attribute value.
  • Introducing support for Google Cloud PosgreSQL.
  • Introducing initial support for Google Spanner.
  • Snowflake. Updated to the latest driver.

General Tweaks and Bug Fixes

  • LookML and Development Environment.
    • Added missing quick help docs when the cursor is placed at the start of LookML blocks.
    • Fixed an issue with multi-line pasting in the new IDE.
    • Fixed an issue related to LookML validation when extension: required is used.
    • Fixed an issue related to from and view_name explore inheritance.
    • Fixed an issue where saving could hang.
  • Dialects.
    • Amazon Athena. Fixed an issue where the LookML generator did not see more than 100 tables across all databases.
    • Google BigQuery. Addressed an issue related to casting dimensions with datatype: date.
  • Addressed inconsistent Look and Dashboard presentation in Spaces for users with access_data and see_user_dashboards and users with just see_user_dashboards. Users’ ability to query reports has not changed. Learn more.
  • Fixed an issue where the edit modal would occasionally not return data.
  • Looks & Dashboards can now be moved into personal Spaces.
  • The Save button on the Explore page will now return you to the Explore Page instead of taking you to the Look.
  • Filter values rather than filter names are now displayed in bold when the filters bar is collapsed.
  • Deleted Looks will no longer appear in the Content Validator.
  • Hovering over relative timestamps now displays the exact time.
  • Added the ability to copy values from SQL Runner Tables & Drill Overlays.
  • Improved error messages related to malformed tiers and views without primary_key dimensions.
  • Addressed an issue where unchecking a default role on a user did not remove that role.
  • Fixed an issue where single value visualizations would be cut off in scheduled inline dashboards.
  • Increased the size of click targets on mobile Dashboards and Visualizations.
  • Fixed an issue related to MandrillApp and custom SMTP settings that occasionally caused scheduled Dashboard elements to render empty.
  • Fixed an issue where downloaded files could not be renamed.
  • Fixed an issue where Dashboards could not be renamed.
  • Fixed an issue where Looks and Dashboards could be missing from Spaces if a Space was moved into another.
  • Fixed an issue where sorts were not respected in Explores with a single, pivoted dimension.
  • Fixed an issue where Looker-generated SQL incorrectly escaped regex special characters in regex string comparison.
  • Fixed an issue where the Rebuild Derived Tables & Run option was hidden when persist_for: 0 seconds was declared.

Release 4.8 2017-02-20

Scheduling and Downloading

  • Filterable Dashboard Schedules. Introduced the ability to change filter values for each schedule associated with a given Dashboard.
  • Inline Tables is now the default email delivery option for new scheduled content. Existing schedules won’t be changed.
  • Added API support for downloading Dashboard PDFs.

Dashboards and Visualizations

  • Conditional Formatting [labs] for Table visualizations. Learn more about Labs features.
  • Added drop-down options to the Add/Edit Dashboard Filters interface.
  • Trend Line equations and R2. Trend Line labels can now display the equation used for the line or the Trend Line’s R2 value.

Looker Platform and Administration

  • Powered by Looker
    • Saving from an Embedded Context. Introducing the ability for embedded users to save content the ability to curate content for embedded users.
    • Scheduling from an Embed Context. Embedded users now have the ability to schedule Looks and Dashboards.
    • Embedded Look URLs can now be modified to override filter values.
    • JavaScript embed events can continue firing across page loads.
    • Exposed embed-related external_id fields in already-existing credentials_embed and space routes.
    • “Rebuild Derived Tables & Run” option on Explore pages is now hidden for all embedded users.
  • Changed the location of deploy keys for newly created projects. Looker-hosted instances will not need to take any action. Action is required for customer-hosted clusters creating new projects. Learn more about syncing git SSH keys. Learn more about shared storage clusters.
  • Connection tests. Added an option in the Connections Panel to test all connections or each individually.

Content Management and Discoverability

  • Unused Content and Trash. Introduced two sections that allow instance Admins to, in bulk, clean up all of the unused and unneeded content on an instance.
    • The Unused Content page will pull together all content that hasn’t been touched in 90 days. Admins can then delete those items, which will move them to the Trash.
    • Trash. Items in Trash can be restored or permanently deleted at the Admin’s discretion.
  • Tables in Spaces are now sortable and are paginated. This does not apply to the LookML Dashboard space.
  • Move and Copy Modals in Spaces now match the new Save Look modal.
  • Run on Load for Looks. Introduced the ability to set whether Looks run immediately. This setting can be configured in Edit Look Settings.
  • Moved Public Access settings for Looks to the Look Settings modal.
  • It is now possible to delete a Dashboard from the Dashboard page.
  • Markdown file navigation. Added the ability to create a navigation menu for Markdown documents.

LookML and Development Environment

  • Fiscal years and quarters. Introduced a fiscal_month_offset LookML parameter to allow for custom fiscal years.
  • Better SQL Runner error highlighting.
  • Projects can now include JSON files.
  • Updated the syntax for map_layers so that they can now reference JSON files included in the project.
  • Introduced the ability to add files to a project by dragging and dropping them into the LookML IDE.


  • BigQuery Standard SQL. Improved the LookML project generator.
  • BigQuery Legacy SQL. Removed EACH from GROUP BY, improving performance for certain queries.
  • Presto. Added support for Qubole’s Presto as a Service for Presto versions 0.157 and 0.142.

General Tweaks and Bug Fixes

  • Disabled the Save button from the Edit Look modal until the query is finished updating. This addresses an issue where Look edits would not persist if saved too quickly.
  • Fixed an issue where menus items that ran off the page could not be reached by scrolling.
  • Removed the Go to LookML link for users who are not able to see LookML.
  • SQL errors are now only exposed to users with the see_lookml permission.
  • Fixed an issue where the SQL tab was blank on Safari. Fixed an issue related to escaping the \ character in filter values.
  • Fixed an issue where Reset Look did not reset query results.
  • Fixed an issue where webhook delivery could block scheduled content delivery.
  • Fixed an issue where Single Column PDF Dashboard element titles were mixed up.
  • Fixed a issue where the ‘Create Schedule’ option was not available in the Details pane of the Look page.
  • Fixed an issue related to downloading results from drill overlays.
  • Fixed an issues that resulted in Select 10 SQL Runner functions not working properly.
  • Fixed a SQL Runner issue related to listing tables in on Spark 2.0.
  • Group labels for measures are now the same color as measure names in the field picker.

Release 4.6 2017-01-22

Scheduling and Downloading

  • Multiple schedules. Added the ability to create multiple schedules via per piece of content from the schedule modal. Learn more.
  • Larger scheduled result sets. The schedule modal now has SFTP and webhook options, to which users may schedule Look results. An “all results” option is available in cases where query results may be streamed. Learn more.
  • Improved Inline Dashboard emails to improve legibility and visual consistency.

Dashboards and Visualizations

  • User Attributes in Filters. Added the ability to associate User Attribute values to filter values, allowing for parameterized content. Learn more.
  • Increased scrolling speed when dragging dashboard tiles.
  • Improved rendering of map data by updating the mapping library.

Content Management and Discoverability

  • Redesigned Save Look modals to improve Space browsing and navigation.
  • Faceting for Top Content. Filter and sort Top Content by Group to explore what matters most to you and others.


  • Amazon Athena. Introducing support for Amazon Athena. Learn more.
  • BigQuery Standard SQL is now a fully supported dialect.

General Tweaks & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where embed users could see explore pages without the explore permission. Users could not navigate to the embedded explore page, but could view it if given a URL with embedded explore access or devise one themselves.
  • Removed Zero Fill for pivoted dimension drills.
  • Fixed a caching issue that could lead to results in browser not matching those scheduled and downloaded.
  • Fixed a broken link from the Content Validator to to Spaces.
  • Fixed an issue where users on BigQuery connections could not Refresh Tables & Tables in the SQL Runner or Create View from Table from the LookML generator.
  • Sorting issues.
    • Fixed an issue where a Dashboard could ignore measure sort order if declared prior to pivoting.
    • Fixed an issue related to sorting Table Calculations on pivoted results.
    • Nulls in pivoted measures really sort last regardless of sort order, dialect, and content type.

Release 4.4 2017-01-02

This release is the latest release that is fully distributed and available to all customers.

Looker Platform and Administration

  • User Attributes. Introducing a new system whereby Users and Groups can be assigned values that can then be referenced throughout Looker. Learn more.
    • Database connections: The host, port, database, username, and password of a Connection can be parameterized so that each User will connect with their own credentials rather than through a single Looker user. Learn more.
    • Data Actions. Data Actions now accept User Attributes as part of their payload, allowing you to use a User’s credentials to perform an operation against a particular service. Learn more.
  • Changes to beta API endpoints including, but not limited to:
    • Renamed the filters attribute of the dashboard response to dashboard_filters. Created a new Lookerbot release as a result. Learn more.
    • Added joins attribute to the lookml_model_explore response class.
    • Better handle LookML field names with a ..
    • Added a is_personal_descendant flag for sub-personal spaces.
    • Deprecated is_user_root and is_root properties in the space response class. These will still work temporarily, but you should transition to is_users_root and is_shared_root.
  • Admin Panel Reorganization.
    • Regrouped items in the left navigation, bucketing items into smaller, more specific categories.
    • Reconfigured Labs panel to indicate which features are beta (under development) and which are experimental (and may be discontinued).

Scheduling and Downloading

  • Larger scheduled result sets to SFTP via the API. Added the ability to schedule queries with no limit to SFTP via the API.
  • Scheduled tables now include totals and table calculations. Improved inline table and HTML attachment scheduled Look formats to include table calculations as well as row and column totals.
  • Improved Single Value visualization downloads. Scheduled inline visualizations and Look downloads are captured as images rather than text, allowing comparisons, text, and generally making them more closely resemble how they appear in the web browser.

Content Management and Discoverability

  • Recently Viewed Content. A list of the Dashboards and Looks you have been visiting lately. Learn more.
  • Bulk delete Dashboards in Spaces.
  • Sortable and paginated content browser. Top Content, Favorites and Recently Viewed Content are now sortable and pages currently contain ten Looks or Dashboards.


  • IBM DB2. Added support for persistent derived tables.
  • Google Cloud SQL. Temporarily removed support for persistent derived tables. This only impacts Google Cloud SQL, not Google BigQuery Legacy SQL or Google BigQuery Standard SQL.
  • Presto. Added support for symmetric aggregates. Requires Presto version 0.153 or above.


  • New projects cannot be created using YAML-based LookML without the legacy feature. Learn more.
  • order_by_field on measures. Measures now accept the order_by_field parameter, allowing you to order query results based on another measure. Learn more.

General Tweaks & Bug Fixes

  • i__looker.
    • Added average and total runtime measures.
    • Removed the total query count measure, allowing for pivoting by source.
  • Reduced the number of filter suggestions from 5,000 to 1,000.
  • Nulls now sort last in most pivot cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the looker.log file associated with HyperSQL application databases did not properly checkpoint.
  • Fixed an issue where downloads would fail if they included totals.
  • Fixed an issue where the Explore page could go blank after removing a table calculation.
  • Fixed an issue where columns were displayed as dimensions (blue) rather than properly displayed as table calculations (green).
  • Fixed an issue where values entered in to filters did not always make it to the SQL generated for an Explore.
  • Fixed an issue related to filtering on month or year in BigQuery Standard SQL.
  • Fixed two pivot SQL syntax issues, one related to MSSQL and one to Redshift.
  • Fixed an issue where the sort indicator on results tables did not always match the sort direction.
  • Fixed an issue where Dashboards and their associated Looks could sort results differently.
  • Fixed an issue where custom Spaces Access Controls were not being displayed in the modal.
  • Fixed an issue where copying a LookML dashboard to Spaces would fail if you did not have the see_lookml permission.
  • Fixed an issue where users with the see_lookml could not see an Explore page’s SQL when in an embed context.
  • Fixed an issue where gears were not clickable on mobile browsers.
  • Fixed an issue where the IDE displayed the Save button when users were not in development mode.

Release 4.2 2016-10-27

Content Management and Discoverability

  • Favorites. A system for selecting and quickly navigating to the Looks & Dashboards you care about most. Clicking the :heart: icon will put a link to the content piece in a list that’s easy to access straight from Spaces. Learn more.
  • Top Content. A list of the most popular Looks & Dashboards on your Looker instance. This section is a great way to learn about new reports you haven’t taken a look at yet. Learn more.
  • Global Search. A search function in the navigation bar that searches across Looks, Dashboards, LookML Dashboards, LookML files, Explores, your Favorites, Top Content, and pages like Browse and your Account Settings. Learn more.

Scheduling & Downloading


  • Streamable In-database Pivots. Implemented streamable pivots for the majority of SQL dialects for which Looker supports query streaming (exceptions in the second link below). Baring other restrictions, query results are no longer limited to 30,000 cells and users may download results without fearing undue harm to their Looker instance. Learn more about streaming pivots. Learn more about streaming in Looker.


  • Added the ability to fade one of the series on a chart when hovering. Learn more.
  • Implemented logic to reduce the chances of value label collisions.

LookML and Derived Tables

  • Introduced the sql_always_having parameter, which conceptually behaves like the sql_always where parameter but instead affects the HAVING clause of a query. The parameter can be used to limit the granularity of results an end user may see. Learn more.
  • Introduced the allow_fill dimension parameter, which prevents the filling when relevant dimensions are included in a query. Learn more about dimension filling.
  • Scheduled Persistent Derived Table Maintenance. Admins can enter a cron string to govern when maintenance operations such as the trigger checker and derived table table reaper run. Learn more.

Looker Design


  • Renamed the Look Validator the Content Validator. When enabled, it’s still found under the Develop tab and functionality remains the same.

IDE Improvements

  • Added syntax highlighting to SQL blocks and LookML objects referenced in the sql parameter.
  • Improved readability by deemphasizing LookML punctuation such as { and ;;.
  • Surfaced IDE keyboard shortcuts.
  • A personal Space will now appear at the top of the Space list in the Spaces sidebar when it is set as a default space.

General Tweaks & Bug Fixes


  • Introduced the Default query result persistence is 5 minutes legacy feature. New instances and those with the legacy feature unchecked will default to a 60 minute query result cache. It is still possible to adjust query cache timing with model- and explore-level persist_for parameters. Learn more.

Dimension Fill Improvements

  • No longer apply fill when filters are applied to measures.
  • Dimension filling is disabled when a non-default order_by_field is used.
  • Filtering on an enumeration dimension disables filling.
  • In the event that dimension filling is not possible, queries and downloads will warn and not apply filling rather than fail.

i__looker Updates

  • Usage panel dashboard tables no longer scroll. Users may still access more data by clicking Explore from here on each element.
  • Added tracking for dashboard usage to the Usage panel and the history explore.

LookML, Converter, and IDE Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where links didn’t work on measures.
  • Addressed reference checking for value_format_name and map_layer_name.
  • Fixed an issue where new LookML did not recognize day_of_year.
  • The LookML conversion now automatically translates date_date to date.
  • The LookML converter will no longer fail when there are ambiguous names.
  • Fixed an issue related to pasting into the IDE.
  • The IDE no longer autosuggests immediately upon return.

Visualization Fixes

  • Fixed an issue related to drilling from pie charts.
  • Fixed an issue related to axis label rotation on bar charts.
  • Fixed several trend line related issues.

Rendering Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where text elements could break LookML Dashboard downloads.
  • Fixed an issue where automagic heatmaps could not plot data.

Dialect-specific Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with MSSQL related to using a relative date filter with a non-US server default date format.
  • Fixed an issue related to using Custom Filters in Vertica.
  • Fixed an issue related to Symmetric Aggregates on BigQuery Standard SQL.
    • Fixed an issue where LookML Dashboards could not be copied into a Space.
    • Fixed an issue where the LookML Validator errored if the raw timeframe is used in a set of filters.
    • Fixed an issue where the save modal would not load for certain users.
    • Fixed an issue where the chat window duplicated on the Look page and the Edit modal.

Release 4.0 2016-10-23

LookML & Development Environment

  • LookML. Introduced a newer LookML syntax that borrows from the existing “YAML-style” LookML syntax, but brings three key improvements to the table. Learn more.
    • Indentation no longer defines hierarchy. Tab as you please (or don’t) without fear of parse errors or applying a parameter to the wrong object.
    • It is more consistent. No more debating the “proper” way to define a list or when to quote something.
    • LookML has meaning. YAML provides syntax, but has no concept of relationships or rules. LookML now knows that a dimension can’t be of type: sum.
  • Development environment. The improvements to the LookML syntax allow for a revamped IDE development environment. Learn more. The new IDE includes:
    • Autosuggest and autocompletion. Only valid parameters and values are proposed, helping you compose new LookML quickly and accurately.
    • On-the-fly error checking. Just like your spell checker, the IDE will let you know that you’ve declared a dimesnion rather than a dimension without having to run the full LookML Validator.
    • A context-sensitive help pane. Dynamically updates to show you documentation relevant to what you’re working on.
    • Automatic formatting to keep things looking good.
    • Folding to help you focus on what you’re working on rather than getting lost in the entire file.
    • A LookML converter to help you transition from YAML-style LookML to the new refreshed syntax. Learn more.

Note that because of LookML’s more defined meaning, the LookML Validator may expose errors that were not previously surfaced. Even error-free YAML-style LookML model conversion requires developer coordination and should be viewed as a short project rather than a flip of a switch. Additionally, upon conversion all persistent derived tables will rebuild, so please set aside some time for conversion to ensure the process is as seamless as possible. Learn more.

Looker Platform

  • API
    • Public API documentation. The API now has public documentation. Learn more.
    • Stable endpoints.
  • Data actions. Introducing the ability to create custom tasks directly inside of Looker using query results. Learn more.


  • Dimension fill. The results table now populates with missing date, yesno, and many other dimensional values. Associated measures are given values of null. Learn more.
  • Added “Save & Schedule” option. Users will be prompted to save their query as a Look and then be taken directly to the Schedule modal.

Looker Design

  • Updated Colors to use white backgrounds and new button styles and colors.
  • Added “Explore From Here” link in Spaces. This shortcut takes users directly to a Look’s Explore page equivalent for faster exploration.


  • Series tab for pie charts, donut multiples, and table visualizations. Implemented the Series tab, previously only available on Cartesian charts, for pie charts, donut multiples, and table visualizations, which replaces the Style tab’s key-value pair method for changing colors and column labels.
  • Visual Drilling. Added a visualization option to the drill overlay, selectable when drilling from a visualization. Learn more.
  • Pivots no longer require a a second dimension.
  • Introduced labels for Trend Lines.

Scheduling & Downloading

Looker 4.0 requires PhantomJS 2.1.1.

  • Image Rendering. Added the ability to download an image of the visualization from a Look, Explore, or a Dashboard.
  • Added a progress page for downloading tasks.
  • Access filters on Scheduled Dashboards. Added an Admin option to run scheduled tasks as the recipient, applying access filters to the Dashboard’s queries. Learn more.
  • Multiple schedules. Added the ability to create multiple, differently filtered schedules via the API.
  • Larger scheduled result sets. Added the ability to schedule queries with no limit to S3 via the API.


  • Spark.
    • Added support for Spark 2.0 including symmetric aggregates and PDTs.
    • Spark 1.6. Added support for symmetric aggregates.
    • Removed support for Spark 1.4.
  • Hive. Added full support for datatype: date.

General Tweaks & Bug Fixes

  • Added Admin panel option to disable backups.
  • Admins can now make any Space their default Space.
  • Other Issues
    • Fixed an issue where the instant dashboards could not pull correctly from cache.
    • Fixed an issue where Liquid templating constants did not work properly.
    • Fixed an issue where not all values pasted into a filter would appear.
    • Fixed an issue where visualizations containing Trend Lines did not properly render with data containing zeros.
    • Fixed an issue where Admins were unable to view users who do not use email authentication.
    • Fixed an issue where users would be removed from their personal Space after switching to a Closed System.
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