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Model files define explores and their relationships to other views.

A “model” references a combination of related explores and dashboards. Unlike other LookML elements, a model is not declared with a model parameter. Instead, any file placed in the MODELS section of the Looker IDE (also known as the Develop page) defines a model. The model name is taken from the filename, and must be unique across your instance, even within different projects.

A model file typically contains any explore declarations, along with a host of model level settings.

This page links to the model-level LookML parameters. They are typically written at the top of the model file and should not be nested within other parameters.

Example Usage

# STRUCTURAL PARAMETERS - explore: view_name # Desired explore parameters (described on Explore Parameters page) # Possibly more explore declarations   - include: filename_or_pattern # Possibly more include declarations   # DISPLAY PARAMETERS - label: 'desired label name'   # FILTER PARAMETERS - case_sensitive: true | false   # QUERY PARAMETERS - connection: connection_name - persist_for: N (seconds | minutes | hours) - week_start_day: monday | tuesday | wednesday | thursday | friday | saturday | sunday   # VISUALIZATION AND FORMATTING PARAMETERS - map_layers: - name: map_name url: 'URL to topojson file' # Possibly more map layers   - value_formats: - name: desired_format_name value_format: 'excel-style formatting string' # Possibly more value formats

Parameter Definitions

Parameter Name Description
Structural Parameters
explore Expose a view in the Explore menu. For more information about explores and their parameters, see the Explore Parameter Reference page.
include Add files to a model
Display Parameters
label (for model) Change the way a model appears in the Explore menu
Filter Parameters
case_sensitive (for model) Specify whether filters are case sensitive for a model
Query Parameters
connection Change the database connection for a model
persist_for (for model) Change the cache settings for a model
week_start_day Specify the day of week that week-related dimensions should start on
Visualization and Formatting Parameters
map_layer (for model) NEW LOOKML Create custom maps to be used with map_layer_name
map_layers OLD LOOKML Create custom maps to be used with the field-level map_layer parameter
named_value_format NEW LOOKML Create a custom value format to be used with value_format_name
value_formats OLD LOOKML Create custom value formats to be used with value_format_name
Parameters to Avoid
scoping REMOVED3.52 No longer required
template AVOID AS OF3.30 Specify the template engine to be used with html parameters
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