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This page links to all of the LookML parameters that are children of the join parameter. You can learn more about using joins on this page.

A “join” is way that multiple views can be added to a single explore, allowing users to access and compare fields from various views at the same time. You declare the explore and any desired join parameters in a model file.

Example Usage

# STRUCTURAL PARAMETERS - explore: view_name # Desired explore parameters (described on Explore Parameters page)   joins: - join: view_name   # DISPLAY PARAMETERS view_label: 'desired label name'   # JOIN PARAMETERS fields: [field_or_set, field_or_set, …] foreign_key: dimension_name from: view_name relationship: one_to_one | many_to_one | one_to_many | many_to_many required_joins: [view_name, view_name, …] sql_foreign_key: SQL clause sql_on: SQL ON clause sql_table_name: table_name type: left_outer | full_outer | inner | cross outer_only: true | false # Possibly more join declarations  

Parameter Definitions

Parameter Name Description
Structural Parameters
joins OLD LOOKML Begin a section of joins
join Join an additional view to an explore
Display Parameters
view_label (for join) Change the way the join’s view name appears in the field picker
Join Parameters
fields (for join) Determine which fields from a join are brought into an explore
foreign_key Specify a relationship between an explore and a join using the joined view’s primary key
from (for join) Specify the view on which a join will be based
outer_only Specify whether all queries must use an outer join
relationship Declare a join as having a one-to-one, many-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many relationship
required_joins Specify which joins should be applied to an explore when fields from a certain join are chosen
sql_foreign_key Specify a SQL statement that produces a foreign key
sql_on Specify a relationship between an explore and a join by writing a SQL ON clause
sql_table_name (for join) Specify the database table on which a join will be based
type (for join) Declare a join as being a left, full, inner, or cross type
Parameters to Avoid
join_type AVOID AS OF3.10 OLD LOOKML Replaced by relationship
sql (for join) AVOID AS OF3.10 Replaced by a combination of sql_on, foreign_key, type, and/or sql_table_name, as described here

Note: The always_join parameter, which specifies any joins that must always be applied to an explore, is defined as an explore parameter.

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