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Once you’ve created a Look, you can save it for future use. Both Looks and dashboards can be organized via spaces (e.g. “Marketing”, “Q4 Sales Review”) and later edited as needed.

Saving Looks From an Explore

To save a Look from an Explore:

  1. Click the Save button in the upper right.
  2. You can enter a new title for the Look in the Title box.
  3. Make sure you choose the Space in which you want to save the Look in the Space box. Alternatively, you can choose to save over an existing Look by clicking its name in the Space box. If you are not allowed to edit a Space or piece of content it will be greyed out.
  4. Finally, click the Save button in the bottom right of the pop-up box to save your Look.

Whichever panels (meaning the Field Picker, Filters, Visualization, and Data sections) are displayed when you save the Look will also be displayed when you pull up the Look again.

Navigating to Spaces to See Your Looks

You can see your company’s spaces by going to Looker’s Browse tab. The basics of navigating through these spaces is described in more detail on our Browsing Data in Looker page.

Editing Looks

After creating a Look you can edit its name and description by doing the following:

  1. Click the Browse tab and navigate to the space containing your Look.
  2. Click the gear to the right of your Look.
  3. Select Edit. Looker will then display an Edit Look pop-up window.
  4. Change the title as desired.
  5. Change the description as desired.
  6. Click Save.

If you have the permission to do so, the Public Access option allows you to give access to the Look via publicly-accessible URLs, described in more detail here.


Looks enable you to save the results of your exploration to view later or add to dashboards.

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