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Looker provides example data that you can experiment with to deepen your understanding of Looker and LookML. These data sets are connected to learn.looker.com, Looker's learning environment. Contact support@looker.com to get access.

E-commerce Store Data Set

This sample data set simulating an e-commerce store. The tables are simplifications, but they're designed to be similar to tables you might encounter in the real world.

The e-commerce data set consists of 5 tables:

  • users - Whenever a user signs up, a record is created in the users table.
  • products - Information about products (the brand, category, item_name, etc.) is stored in the products table.
  • inventory_items - Whenever something is received in inventory, a record is placed in the inventory_items
  • orders - When a user makes a purchase, a record is written to the orders table with the date of the order, and the user that made the order.
  • order_items - When an order is created, each item for purchase is written to the order_items table.

An Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) of the schema is below:

Ecommerce ERD

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