Generating a Model

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This tutorial walks you through the steps to automatically generate a basic model from your database. Before attempting to generate a model, ensure that you are in development mode (the toggle is in the bottom left corner). Click on LookML in the left bar, then Manage Projects, and finally + New LookML Project (if you’d like more detail about the Manage Projects page, check out our documentation here).

Select the database connection you are interested in. If you would like to generate LookML for every table in the database, accept the default values in the form. Otherwise, customize these values.

Now click Generate. The generator creates a model file and view files for each table in the database (unless otherwise specified).

The generator will also create an Explore for each database table. To start querying your data, first click Explore, then select the name of the Explore you would like to start your query from.

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