Looker + BigQuery: It’s easier than ever to get more from your data

Easily leverage the scale and innovation of Google with joint offerings for BigQuery and Looker together. Break down organizational data silos, empower your team with real-time trusted insights, and optimize performance and costs with this full stack database and analytics solution.

Learn how you can get started today with new joint offerings to help you:

  • Make better decisions
    Deliver real-time trusted data to the people who need it, by creating powerful self-serve data experiences for them to access, analyze, and take action.

  • Accelerate innovation and data ROI
    Make the most of your data investments and leverage the latest for AI, machine learning, embedded analytics.

  • Optimize costs and performance
    Scale access to insights and free up your data team to focus on strategic initiatives while optimizing costs cost and performance

“Our use of BigQuery and Looker allows us to focus our resources on what matters most.”

- Dr. Valmeek Kudesia, CCA Vice President of Clinical Informatics & Advanced Analytics

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About Looker:

Looker is the business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform that is now part of Google Cloud.