Save valuable time and focus on what really matters

“By combining all of these different kinds of sources, being able to access the Looker Data and bring it into R, I’m able to make the value of all of that data higher because I can integrate it all together.”
Julia Silge, Data Scientist, Stack Overflow

With Looker, data scientists can...

  • Prepare data more efficiently for advanced analytics workflows
  • Deliver recommendations to stakeholders in context
  • Operationalize insights with automated alerts and actions
  • Focus on analysis to maximize impact in more ways

What other data scientists say about Looker

“Looker has put more time back into the hands of the scientists. Now we have time to be scientists.”
Kevin Ford, PhD, Data Scientist, Counsyl

“Looker really allowed us to focus on what data we can get and what insights we can drive when we spend more time doing analysis, rather than making sure that data is right.”
Charles Whittaker, Head of Product, Avant

“Our editors had predictive knowledge of a post’s success, so we launched a project to quantify that. Now, we use that information to surface content to make sure it gets the best audience possible.”
Lyle P.M. Smith, Data Scientist, Buzzfeed

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About Looker:

Looker is the business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform that is now part of Google Cloud.