What is OEM software?

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) software is designed by the original manufacturer to be white-labeled — customized for the same look and feel of a particular brand’s products, allowing them to put their own stamp on it. OEM software allows you to introduce solutions without the high cost of software development. and can be bundled together as a suite of products.

White-label vs. OEM: what’s the difference?

There is little difference between white label and OEM. Almost all OEMs are white-label products. By investing in a white-label OEM solution, you can rebrand the product as your own. Products ranging from software to hardware are commonly white-labeled.

How is OEM software used?

OEM software typically is not sold by retailers or labeled “OEM.” Rather, it’s used to identify the original manufacturer who sells their software to companies (business-to-business or B2B) in the technology sphere (computer hardware manufacturers and SaaS entities, to name a few) as part of a suite of related products for a designated solution. A buyer typically customizes white-labeled software with their own branding and selected features after purchase from an original manufacturer.

OEM and embedded analytics

OEM embedded analytics solutions make it easy to embed analytics into your commercial software offerings, helping to differentiate your product in the marketplace and create a wonderful experience for customers.

When your organization embeds an OEM analytics solution into your existing application(s), you gain three significant benefits:

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