Your website changes rapidly and that requires an easy way to measure the effectiveness of those changes just as quickly. Web event data is often unstructured and web data visualization needs to be flexible enough to not only use that unstructured data but to present that flood of information in a digestible presentation. Changing how you collect or summarize web event data is slow and creates a bottleneck when iterating on website changes.

Web data visualization should be so easy it can be created faster than your website changes. Rather than needing a developer to make changes to your web event data collection every time you adjust an entry funnel or create a new content page, Looker gives you the ability to create a simple data model that can visualize the effect of those changes on your own. Looker makes it easy to:

  • Create a simple data model for your web event data
  • Use that simple model to evaluate any kind of change to your website
  • Determine how new content affects your users' sessions
  • Build web data visualizations to make informed decisions on how to improve your site

Try Looker and empower yourself to make agile decisions and optimize your website. Download the whitepaper to see how Looker's web analytics solution works.

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