A lot of web analytics software have siloed data sets that are great for quick, purpose-built analytics. That's great if you are doing out-of-the-box web analytics but it won't be long before you are left craving a more robust solution. A web analytics platform can help you sift through all the event data and join it in with the rest of your business data from click-to-cash.

Reliable Source of Truth - Looker describes your data when you connect it to your database creating the basic model in minutes. We are a data platform that ensures quality metrics and consistent definitions across your company. Enable your end users to securely explore detailed data to discover the insights they need.

  • Build customized metrics with our simple and reusable modeling language
  • Models easily change with your business for fast, flexible iteration
  • Deploy and iterate quickly – work with data without moving it

Looker is nimble, so is our demo. We are here to answer questions, so you can see how it works.

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