Explore Tableau competitors to see the cool new things you can do with your data. Tableau is a PC-based desktop visualization and data publishing tool. It focuses on empowering the user with many visualization types. It's a great "load and go" solution for data sets that are too big for a spreadsheet. There is often a heavy server hardware component to Tableau because it usually pulls in data from other sources to store in its data engine for quick access. If you are looking for visualizing a subset of your data, Tableau will do a great job.

This brings up a big problem, though, for companies interested in being data driven: every department's visualizations are based off of different datasets. Marketing is looking from Salesforce and Marketo data, Finance is exploring in Quickbooks, and Engineering is grabbing from their production database. We call this data chaos.

Looker eliminates data chaos because it doesn't need to extract subsets or pre-aggregate. It analyzes data right where it lives without PC based software – so you can deploy and iterate quickly. This allows every business user to explore, drill into, and pull their own data, rather than creating pre-defined reports.

Looker visualizations are created from reliable, single source of truth producing actionable results :

  • Data Analysts build a reliable source of truth and consistent metrics
  • Decision Makers can explore all the data - even row level detail
  • Developers extend Looker into the organization with embedded analytics

Come see why Looker is pioneering the next generation of cool data explorations that everyone loves. Download the overview. Watch the video.

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